The top 5 fireworks shows   花火大会

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The fireworks of the Tokyo Bay Fireworks near the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Tokyo Bay Fireworks near the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Tokyo Bay Fireworks

Tokyo Bay Fireworks display, behind Rainbow Bridge.

The Hanabi are a real institution and thus form an inevitable ritual of summer.

Hanabi are a real institution and are an inevitable summer ritual.

The fireworks Miyajima lights, very well known for their beauty.

The fireworks at Miyajima, well known for their beauty.

The Fireworks Festival is Fukuroi to rank among the top 5 best fireworks Japan.

Fukuroi Fireworks Festival ranks among the top 5 best firework displays in Japan.

Fireworks before the famous Miyajima torii.

Fireworks behind the iconic Miyajima torii gate.

When the sky is ablaze

Summer in Japan would not be complete without the famous fireworks (hanabi taikai). Hundreds of fireworks displays are held each year throughout the country, mainly in summer. Some even bring thousands of visitors.

Japanese fireworks are known to be extremely colorful and impressive. Each year, fireworks dazzle audiences all over Japan. The hanabi are a real institution and an unmissable summer ritual. The second attraction behind the actual fireworks is the fun, relaxed atmosphere that accompanies them. At least half the audience is dressed in yukata and the streets are full of food stalls and games for people of all ages.

The Sumida River Fireworks Festival

30 July from 7:05 to 8:30 p.m.

Location: Along the Sumida River in the vicinity of the Asakusa Station, Tokyo
The Feast of Sumida, more commonly called the "Hanabi Sumida," is one of the oldest and most famous fireworks festivals in Japan. The fireworks are fired from boats that are concentrated in Ryogoku and Asakusa. You can see the fireworks from the parks along the river or watch the show on the water dining on a Yakatabune.

The Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival 


8 August from 6:50 to 8:10 p.m.

Location: Between the neighborhoods of Harumi, Toyosu and Odaiba, Tokyo
The Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival is north of Odaiba. Boats near the famous Rainbow Bridge launch over 10,000 fireworks in one hour - a real feast for the eyes! Guests can enjoy the show from the Odaiba bay or Harumi park, a 15 minute walk from the station on the Yurakucho Toyosu line. Note that the Rainbow Bridge is closed to pedestrians for the occasion!

Omagari no Hanabi

27 July, from 5:30 p.m.

Location: Along the Marukogawa river, a 15 minute walk from the Omagari train station on the JR Shinkansen line in Akita, Akita refecture
Omagari Fireworks is actually a national competition. Indeed, only the top 30 fireworks teams are allowed to show their creation. So the quality level is very high and the show will leave you stunned. You can buy seats on site. If you come from Tokyo, consider renting accommodation in the area, because you can not return to Tokyo that evening.

Fireworks Miyajima

11 August, from 7:40 to 8:40

Location: The shores of Miyajima island, Hiroshima prefecture.
The fireworks in Miyajima are one of the biggest events of the year for the island. You can easily access the ferry from Hiroshima Bay at Miyajima no Guchi. If you have a Japan Rail Pass, you can ride free on the JR ferries by simply showing your pass at the counter. The famous red torii offers a beautiful setting for this exceptional evening. You can watch the fireworks in the background of this UNESCO monument. Unforgettable memories guaranteed!

Fukuroi Enshuu no Hanabi

6 August, from 7 to 9 p.m.

Location: On the banks of the river between Haranoya, JR Fukuroi and Aino stations, Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
The Fukuroi Enshuu no Hanabi, better known as "Fukuroi Fireworks Festival" is undoubtedly one of the top 5 best fireworks shows in Japan. You can watch it from the Aino garden. It is often described as a finale that lasts two hours...and for good reason! It is a parade of shapes and colors, each one more beautiful than the last! An event not to be missed if you are in the area at that time of the year.

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