Japan art and architecture tour

  • Duration : 14 days
  • Locations : Tokyo, Osaka, Awaji, Takamatsu, Kurashiki, Kyoto

This trip to Japan offers many architectural discoveries, many of them by Tadao Andô.

After discovering Japan's two tourist cities - Tokyo and Kyoto - continue your tour by car to the islands of Shikoku and the Inland Sea.

Visit the artists' island of Naoshima, the Awaji Yumebutai hotel or the Church of Light in Osaka.

2 week itinerary 

  • Departure city/Airport : Tokyo (Narita : NRT or Haneda : HND)
  • Tokyo (4 nights)
  • Osaka (1 night)
  • Awaji (1 night)
  • Takamatsu (3 nights)
  • Kurashiki (1 night)
  • Kyoto (3 nights, including 1 day in Nara)
  • Return city/Airport : Kyoto (Kansai International Airport : KIX)

Please find below the itinerary details.

Tour length : 13 nights / 14 days (+ 1 day at the beginning if you leave from Europe)

PLEASE NOTE: The departure and end dates shown on this page only apply to your stay in Japan. You must therefore leave Europe the day before the first day of your tour. The date of your return flight and that of your return to Europe are identical due to the time difference.

Example : 

  • Departure from Europe : January 1st
  • Arrival in Tokyo (= the date to be selected in the calendar when booking) : January 2nd
  • Return flight from KIX airport / Return to Europe : January 15th

Please note that flights are not included in the price of your tour.

This tour information was last updated on May 21, 2024.

Why this trip to Japan ?

  1. A tour designed for fans of architecture with an itinerary and activity adapted to the theme!!
  2. Welcomed at the airport by our team, you will be taken to your hotel in Tokyo by shuttle bus
  3. Enjoy a private guided day in Tokyo with a specialist in architecture!
  4. Take the Shinkansen to Osaka, to discover the city of Andô Tadao
  5. With your car, you can discover the architectural wonders of the islands of Awaji and Shikoku
  6. Enjoy the architecture and museum collections on show on Naoshima Island
  7. A traditional ryokan welcomes you in Kurashiki, city of art and history
  8. The trip ends in Kyoto, where a guided tour of the traditional district of Gion awaits you
  9. Enjoy unlimited internet access thanks to your pocket Wi-Fi
  10. If needed, contact our bilingual Japanese/English-speaking assistance team available 7/7
  11. Benefit from the expertise of Japan Experience, European leading travel agency in Japan.

Your trip in detail


  • Day 1 : Wake up in Tokyo 東京

    Arrival at Tokyo airport (Narita NRT or Haneda HND).
    Welcome to Japan! 日本へようこそ!

    Welcome through customs by our airport assistant, who will give you all your travel documents and your Pocket WiFi. Unaccompanied transfer from the airport to Tokyo (see details).

    The transfer is done in a shared shuttle or bus, with other guests departing for the same hotel or a hotel close to yours. These transfers depart between 1.5 and 3 hours after your scheduled flight arrival, and stops may be made before your hotel.

    If you would like a private, non-stop transfer directly after the arrival of your flight, feel free to take the "Private Taxi from the Airport" option.

    Check in at Hotel OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka by Hoshino Resorts or similar category 3* hotel (rooms available from 3pm).

  • Day 2 : First steps in the capital

    What to do in Tokyo on your first day

    We recommend that you start your visit to Tokyo slowly by visiting the following districts:
    - Harajuku, the avant-garde district ; 
    - Meiji Jingû, the imperial sanctuary ;
    - Takeshita-Dôri, a must-see street in the capital ; 
    - Omotesandô, Tokyo's Champs-Élysées ; 
    - Shibuya and its impressive crossroads.

    One of our many experienced English-speaking guides can also accompany you to visit the classic sights of Tokyo (optional, from 9am to 5pm).

    For art aficionados, head to the Tokyo National Museum, Japan's oldest and largest. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of artistic wonders spanning centuries. From delicate Buddhist sculptures to vibrant Shinto paintings, explore the evolution of Japanese art under one roof. 

  • Day 3 : The big loop

    For this second day of sightseeing in Tokyo, we recommend the following "loop". Start at Tokyo Central Station, with its original architecture, then head off to visit:

    - Ginza, Tokyo's chic district ;
    - Tsukiji, the small outdoor food market ;
    - Hama-rikyû, the Japanese garden between Tokyo's buildings ;
    - Asakusa, a traditional district and place of pilgrimage, accessible by cruise on the Sumida river ;
    - Sensô-ji, the oldest Buddhist temple in the Japanese capital ;
    - Tokyo Sky Tree, 643 metres high, with its panoramic view of Tokyo at sunset.

    Between Hama-rikyû Garden and Asakusa, why not enjoy a cruise on the Sumida River ?

    In terms of architecture, you may come across buildings designed by Kengo Kuma, Takamitsu Azuma's Tower House or even Rie's Hoshinoya Palace (details in your travel diary).

  • Day 4 : Architectural exploration

    Embark on a captivating architectural odyssey through the heart of Tokyo! This guided tour, led by an English-speaking expert, begins at 9 am and whisks you away on a journey of discovery until 5 pm.

    Prepare to be awestruck by Tokyo's remarkable architectural evolution. Your journey starts in Shiodome, the bustling hub of international business, where modern skyscrapers pierce the sky. 

    From there, you'll delve into the heart of Ginza, Tokyo's famed "Fifth Avenue", where iconic luxury brands reside in architecturally stunning buildings. 

    Finally, the tour culminates in the elegant district of Omotesando, where cutting-edge contemporary structures redefine the Tokyo skyline.

    This comprehensive tour offers a unique perspective on Tokyo! By the end, you'll see Tokyo's cityscape with fresh eyes, appreciating the architectural tapestry woven throughout its history.

    Last night in Tokyo.

  • Day 5 : First steps in the capital of Kansai

    In the morning, head to Osaka by shinkansen (direct, included in your package).

    Check-in at Hotel Intergate Osaka Umeda or similar category 3* hotel (rooms available from 3pm).

    What is there to do in Osaka in 2 days? We recommend that you start your visit to Osaka slowly, in the northern and eastern districts :

    - Osaka's medieval castle, with its park full of plum and cherry trees ;
    - The city centre and Nakanoshima Island, with its rose park surrounded by buildings ;
    - Utsubo Park, a cool oasis in the business district ;
    - Visit Umeda, the temple of Japanese shopping ;
    - Finish off with the Umeda Sky building at dusk for a 360° view of Kansai (including Kyoto on a clear day!).

    One of our many experienced English-speaking guides can also accompany you to visit the classic sights of Osaka (optional, from 9am to 5pm). 

    For architecture lovers, the Church of the Light located in the city of Ibaraki (Osaka prefecture) and designed by Tadao Andô is a must-see!

  • Day 6 : A condensed version of Japan

    In the morning, pick up your rental car near your Osaka hotel and set off on a scenic adventure to Awaji Island. Buckle up for a thrilling journey across the world's longest suspension bridge – an experience in itself (the drive takes about 1 hour, mostly on highways)!

    Your travel diary serves as your personal roadmap, highlighting architectural gems and must-see sights along the way:
    - Immerse yourself in the vibrant city of Kobe, known for its futuristic harbor and bustling Chinatown ;
    - Marvel at the unique "Paper Church" designed by renowned architect Shigeru Ban ;
    - Relax on a stunning long sandy beach overlooking the Seto Inland Sea ;
    - Immerse yourself in the vibrant colours of a sprawling flower park, a Japanese favorite ;
    - Enjoy a meal with a view at an amphitheatre restaurant overlooking the sea ;
    - Pay your respects at a colossal Buddha statue standing guard over the coast ;
    - Long sandy beach on the inland sea.

    Finally, arrive at your destination – Awaji Yumebutai, a stunning seaside complex designed by the acclaimed architect Tadao Andô. Park your car and unwind in your comfortable room at the on-site 4* hotel. 

  • Day 7 : Artistic landing in Shikoku

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    A scenic drive takes you to Takamatsu (1h45, mainly on highways), a charming town on the Seto Inland Sea. There are several stops along the way, including:
    - Visit Ise Grand Shrine, Japan's oldest ;
    - Witness the awe-inspiring Naruto Whirlpools ;
    - See a life-size Sistine Chapel replica ;
    - Explore Ryôzen-ji, the 88 Temples pilgrimage starting point ;
    - Delve into sculptor museums ;
    - Visit the unique teeth museum.

    Choose wisely, you won't be able to do everything! By late afternoon, unwind at your comfy 3* hotel with parking in Takamatsu.

  • Day 8 : Garden and bonsai

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Garden lover or not, prepare to be mesmerised by the exquisite Ritsurin Garden, one of the most beautiful garden in Japan, a sprawling 16-hectare masterpiece of Japanese landscaping

    You can use your car as it is located outside the city centre. This gives you the perfect opportunity to visit those fascinating museums you spotted on the outskirts of Takamatsu yesterday.

    Later, delve into Takamatsu's unique offerings. Discover the art of bonsai in the charming village south of the city, tantalise your taste buds at one of the many exciting restaurants or unwind with a beverage at a lively bar or café. 

    Please note that the car must be returned before 5pm. You can of course return it earlier, or even the day before when you arrive in Takamatsu.

    Finally, rest comfortably at your Takamatsu hotel, ready for your next adventure.

  • Day 9 : The Art Island

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    We recommend you to spend the day visiting Naoshima Island. The ferry terminal is a 20 minute walk from the centre and it only takes 50 minutes to reach the island (about 8€/pers round trip). Details in your travel diary. Bikes are a great way to explore the island (optional rental on this trip).

    Naoshima Island is world-famous for its modern art museums, the architecture of some of its buildings, and the scattered outdoor sculptures throughout its territory. These numerous museums and buildings were designed by the architect Andô Tadao. You will be impressed, among other things, by Monet's Water Lilies, displayed in a simple room where you enter without shoes!

    Please note that a reservation is required in order to access the Chichu Art Museum

    Ditch the manicured landscapes today! We're trading serenity for a touch of wild on a charming, small island. This hidden gem boasts fascinating museums with stunning architecture and unmissable collections. 

    Return to Takamatsu at the end of the day by the same route as in the morning, in the middle of the Japanese countryside.

  • Day 10 : THE romantic city of Japan

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    In the morning, send your luggage to your hotel in Kyoto (details in your travel diary, check with the hotel reception) so that you can travel light for your night in Kurashiki.

    Then, head to Kurashiki by train (1 transfer, included in your package). Prepare to cross a marvel of engineering – the world's longest bridge for both cars and trains – as you arrive on Honshû Island.

    Check-in at your ryôkan.

    Kurashiki, an old commercial metropolis lined with canals will certainly seduce you :
    - Bikan, a district with typical architecture ; 
    - The Ohara Museum, keeper of paintings by Monet, Matisse, Renoir, among others ;
    - The Museum of Popular Arts dedicated to regional history.

    In the evening, savor a delectable traditional Japanese dinner before unwinding in your tranquil tatami room.

  • Day 11 : The White Heron Castle

    Traditional Japanese breakfast at the ryôkan

    In the morning, reach Kyoto (1 change, included in your package). Halfway there, consider adding a stop in Himeji to marvel at its magnificent UNESCO-listed castle. Once arrived, check into the RAKURO 京都 by THE SHARE HOTELS or equivalent (rooms available from 3pm).

    Upon you arrival in Kyoto, don't hesitate to admire the central station, a true glass and steel temple designed by the architect Hiroshi Hara in 1997. 

    You have 3 days to visit Kyoto. Start in the afternoon in the historic Gion district, close to your accommodation:
    - Kiyomizu-Dera, the impressive water temple ;
    - The historic lanes of Sannen-zaka & Ninnen-zaka ;
    - Kôdai-ji, Kyoto's temple of maple trees and bamboo.

  • Day 12 : The former capital

    We advise you to start your visit to Kyoto slowly by visiting the city centre and the Gion district:
    - Nishiki, Kyoto's culinary market ;
    - Nijô Castle, former residence of the shogun ;
    - Arashiyama, with its bamboo grove and monkey mountain.

    Finish your day with a stroll through the Gion district and enjoy the sunset. Meet your guide at 7pm to start your evening walk around Gion, Kyoto's historic district. More details on the exact day and meeting point can be found in your travel guide.

    This captivating walk promises a fascinating journey through Japanese architectural history. Witness the evolution firsthand, from the charming "machiya" townhouses of the Heian period (794-1185) to the distinctive "kura" warehouses built during the Meiji era (1868-1912).

    At the end of this 1h30 walk, your guide will be able to recommend the best places to eat dinner! Please note that it is strictly forbidden to take pictures in the historic district of Gion. 

  • Day 13 : Gold and Silver Treasures

    For your last day in Kyoto, we recommend the following itinerary:
    - The Zen garden of Ryôan-ji ;
    - Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) ;
    - Ginkaku-ji (Silver Pavilion)
    - The enchanting Philosopher's Path ;
    - Nanzen-ji temple.

    One of our many experienced English-speaking guides can accompany you on a tour of these iconic sites (available as an option, from 9am to 5pm).

    Craving a final dose of modern architectural marvel? Head to the awe-inspiring Miho Museum, designed by the legendary architect Ieoh Ming Pei, the same mastermind behind the iconic Louvre Pyramid in Paris. See details in your travel diary.

  • Day 14 : Sayonara, and see you next time!

    Take a direct transfer to Kansai International Airport (included but not accompanied).

    This transfer is by shuttle or shared bus, with other customers departing from the same hotel or a hotel close to yours. These transfers arrive between 3 hours and 1.5 hours before the actual departure of your flight, and stops can be made before you arrive at the airport.

    If you prefer a private transfer at a time of your choice, direct to the airport and with no intermediate stops, select the "Private Taxi to Airport" option.

    Return flight to Europe, North America, Australia.

    Don't hesitate to extend your trip by a few days, in Kansai or elsewhere... Get in touch and we would be happy to advise you!

    Included in your self-guided tour

  • Accommodation

    - 4 nights in a 3* hotel in the heart of Tokyo, close to public transport

    - 1 night in a 3* hotel in Osaka

    - 1 night in a  4* hotel in Awaji

    - 3 nights in a 3* hotel in Takamatsu

    - 1 night in a 3* ryôkan in Kurashiki, traditional half-board

    - 3 nights in a 3* hotel in the heart of Kyoto, close to public transport

    The basic rate includes a twin room for two people.

  • Transport

    - Airport transfer to Tokyo HND or NRT

    - Return airport transfer Kyoto > Kansai International Airport KIX

    - Prepaid public transport card

    - Shinkansen Tokyo > Osaka, seats reserved in standard class

    - 3-day car rental, English GPS and basic insurance included

    - Driving licence translation for 1 person (see details below)

    - Kansai Wide Area Pass 5 days

  • Experiences and meals

    - Airport meet and greet 

    - Traditional dinner and breakfast included at the ryôkan in Kanazawa

    - The breakfasts in Awaji and Takamatsu

    - Private guided architectural tour in Tokyo

    - Night guided tour of Shinjuku, Tokyo and Gion, Kyoto

  • Additional services

    - Unlimited internet access with Pocket WiFi

    - Complete digital travel guide sent before your departure

    - Luggage transfer between your hotels in Takamatsu > Kyoto

    - Telephone assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English and Japanese bilingual. The number will be given to you in your travel pack. This phone number is valid for telephone calls and also for WhatsApp.

  • Not included in the price of your trip

    - Flights Europe <> Japan

    - Optional insurance

    - Personal expenses, including meals (breakfasts can sometimes be added as an option at your hotel reception, see details). For other meals, you will find addresses selected by us in your travel pack.

    - Public transport once your transport cards have run out (see details)

    - Costs related to gasoline and possible tolls are not included in the tour price. 

    - Everything not mentioned in the section "Included in your tour".

More about your trip

Your tour :

  • The prices displayed on this page may vary according to the exchange rate of the Japanese ¥.
  • Unfortunately, this tour is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Children and babies accepted. From 3 to 11 years old a child rate is offered. In each accommodation, a standard adult bed will be offered to them, and a standard seat will be allocated to them in transport. From 0 to 2 years old inclusive, a "baby" rate is offered. This price corresponds to the allocation of a cot in the majority of the accommodation of the chosen circuit. However, we cannot guarantee a baby cot in each accommodation.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • This programme is subject to change due to circumstances such as weather conditions or any other case of force majeure. Please note that due to the current circumstances, any information mentioned is subject to change or modification.
  • Your travel documents will be given to you as follows:
    • Travel diary by email 3 weeks before departure, and other electronic documents 
    • Paper documents (airport transfer ticket, transportation card, Kansai Wide Area Pass voucher) and Pocket WiFi upon arrival at the airport by our airport assistant.
  • At least one person participating in the trip must have a valid driving licence in their country.
  • Note : In very rare cases, mostly in very high season, steps might be reversed. You will be informed in your mini travel-guide. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Your accommodation :

  • Some hotels may ask you to pay a tourist tax on arrival. This depends on the city and even the hotel, as some do not include it in the booking price. Normally, it is 200¥/night/person (about £1.37/1.93$) but can be slightly higher in 4* hotels. It must be paid in cash at the hotel reception. For traditional Japan Experience accommodations, it is included in the initial tour price.
  • Room size: in Japan, a densely populated country where everything is compact, 3-star luxury hotels are of very good quality but the rooms are often quite narrow (12 to 20m2/129 sq ft to 215 sq ft) depending on the hotel. Please note the size of the single room, between 10 and 16m2 (107sq ft and 172 fq ft). For more comfort, you can choose our luxury 4* accommodation upgrade option. 
  • Double room: Rooms for two people in western hotels have 2 single beds (twin rooms) by default, which can usually be joined together. As an option, you can select a double room instead of a twin if you prefer a double bed.
  • Single room: People travelling alone and wishing to book a single room must pay a supplement at the time of booking. The single room supplement is compulsory for orders with an odd number of participants. Please note that if you request more than two people in a single room, the single room supplement will be applied to all accommodation except for the ryokans (3 and 4*). In fact, as this is traditional accommodation, people with the same reservation are grouped together in spacious rooms for up to 5 people.
  • 3-person room: If there are 3, 5 or more of you and you do not select the single supplement, a triple room will be allocated to you.
  • In the case of a group order (> 5 people), it is possible, depending on hotel availability, that not all members of the group will be accommodated in the same hotel. Nevertheless, we aim to keep you close. 
  • Names of the hotels : The names given on the site are for information only. In the event of unavailability, an establishment of equivalent standing will be scheduled. Hotels, corresponding to local standards, are given as an indication and may be changed on site for hotels of a similar category. The hotel in Awaji (Nikko Awaji Yumebutai) is also given as a information only. If unfortunately it turns out to be full on your travel dates, we will book a lower quality hotel in Awaji, but higher in Osaka.
  • In the ryôkan in Kurashiki, the rooms have a private sink and toilet. The single-sex collective Japanese baths ("onsen") then act as shared bathrooms, with showers and thermal baths. They are freely accessible, at the times in force on the site. These baths are often not accessible to people with clearly visible tattoo(s). The latter are invited to contact us to evaluate the possibilities of accommodation with private baths or shared baths that can be reserved. The 4* ryôkan (see 4* option) have comfortable futons raised on either western beds in a traditional tatami room. The bathrooms and toilets of the 4* ryôkan are private

Your transport :

  • Flights are not included in this tour. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to include flights in your order: Flights in economy class with stopovers or direct flights, eco-premium or business air upgrades, provincial departures or abroad: we will be able to advise you.
  • The tour departure and end dates presented on this page relate to your stay in Japan. You will arrive in Japan via Tokyo (Narita or Haneda airports) and depart from Kansai airport (KIX, not Itami ITM). On departure, you will have to leave Europe the day before and land at 6:30 p.m. at the most to make the most of the airport services of your circuit (reception and transfer to Tokyo).
    The return flight is on the same day due to the time difference, with a departure time of 9am at the earliest. Please do not hesitate to consult us for any uncertainty or need for precision in the choice of international flights.
  • If the flights have been purchased by your care without the intervention of Japan Experience, it is necessary to send us by mail 1 month before your departure your flight information (flight number, airport, date and time of arrival) to allow us organise your welcome and airport transfer
  • Airport Transfers: The shared limousine bus leaves from the airport and stops either in front of your hotel or at a stop within 1-15 minutes walk from your hotel. Our airport assistant in Tokyo will drive you to the platform to pick up the airport transfer. The transfer to the hotel is unassisted. If you wish to be accompanied from the airport to your hotel reception, please choose the option "Accompanied Airport Transfer". This transfer is done in a shared shuttle or bus, with other clients leaving for the same hotel or a hotel close to yours. These transfers leave between 1.5 and 3 hours after your flight's scheduled arrival and stops can be made before your hotel. If you would like a private, non-stop transfer directly after the actual arrival of your flight, feel free to take the "Private Taxi from the Airport" option. Please note: due to the many changes in flight schedules by the airlines, if the airline notifies you of a change in arrival time less than 72 hours before your departure, and if it exceeds 45 minutes, we cannot guarantee your airport shuttle. You will then have to take a taxi at your own expense, requesting a refund from your airline for abusive schedule changes. The same applies to your return journey: 72 hours before your return flight, we cannot change the shuttle schedule. Similarly, you will have to take a taxi booked with the hotel, at your own expense, with reimbursement procedures with the airline company being the only solution. Japan Experience is not responsible for last minute schedule changes.The same applies to the return trip from Osaka to KIX airport.
  • Included in your tour is a pre-charged transport prepayment card of ¥ 1,500 (around £10.30 / 14.54$) (suica or Pasmo brand); Shinkansen tickets for Tokyo > Osaka, seats reserved in standard class, a Kansai Wide Area Pass 5 days. These cards should cover a large part of your trips during the stay. Upon expiry of the 1,500¥ Transport Prepayment Card, or if the line you are travelling on is not covered by your Japan Rail Pass, any travel will be at your own expense by recharging your pre-paid transport card (at vending machines in all stations and metro stations). 
  • Licence translation for car rental: The translation of the driving licence into Japanese is included in your tour: we take care of all the necessary steps once you have sent us a valid driving licence. Once in Japan, the translation of the driving licence along with the original license allows you to drive legally and easily.
    This translation is only necessary for driving licences from the following countries France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco and Taiwan. For licences issued from other countries, you must obtain an international licence.
  • We have one car for every 1 to 5 travellers. If you would like an extra car, please contact us.
  • Don't be put off by the idea of driving a car in Japan! If in your country you are used to driving on the right, after a few minutes of apprehension about driving on the other side you will be impressed by the ease of driving on Japan's roads. Indeed, the Japanese/English bilingualism of most of the signs and GPS, very good road conditions, automatic cars, low traffic jams and the courtesy of Japanese people behind the wheel will make this visit of an unusual Japan pleasant! Remember that petrol in Japan is slightly cheaper than in the UK and many other countries. Highway tolls are however more expensive.

Your activities :

  • Airport reception is in English. Your airport assistant will be waiting for you at the customs exit holding a sign with the name of the reservation. They will give you your travel documents and take you to your airport transfer. They will not accompany you to Tokyo (this is possible, but optional).
  • The guided tour of Gion lasts around 2 hours and departs at 7pm. Please note that the tour will be conducted in English if your group is made up of travellers of different nationalities. More details on the meeting point in your travel pack. Dinner is not included, but your guide will be able to recommend the best places to eat.
  • For the Tokyo Architecture Tour, your guide will pick you up at your hotel at 9am, and the day will last until 5pm. Your meals, transport and visits are at your own expense. The guide's meals are included in your tour. More details in your travel diary.

Your meals :

  • Breakfasts which are not included in your package can be added at the reception when you arrive at the hotel. However, you will find many cafés near your hotel serving copious breakfasts, often tastier than those in the hotels, which sometimes have tight schedules and are predominantly savoury. However, if you would like to add breakfast to your offer when you make your reservation, you can select it as an option.
  • Traditional Japanese dinner and Japanese breakfast (mostly savoury) are included in your Kurashiki tour. Do not hesitate to indicate any dietary requirements you may have, we will pass them on to the ryôkan so that they can take them into account when planning the meals. If the ryôkan does not take any of these dietary requirements into account, we cannot be held responsible and no compensation will be issued.

Your additional services:

  • A pocket wifi is included in your tour. It allows unlimited high-speed internet access. Your Pocket WiFi will be given to you at the airport of arrival.
  • It comes with a small booklet to operate your device (don't panic: simple operation) and a prepaid envelope to return your device at the end of your stay. Your pocket wifi will work naturally until the last day of your trip to Japan.
  • A maximum of 5 devices can be connected to a pocket wifi (phone, tablet, computer).
  • A single pocket wifi is provided for a circuit order of 1 to 5 people. For an order of 6 people or more, a second pocket wifi will be added automatically and at no extra cost to your reservation.

When you buy, Japan Experience offers you 2 types of protection:

Japan Experience Flex : 
Cancellation insurance before departure under conditions.

Japan Experience Protect :
Pre-departure cancellation insurance under conditions and on-site assistance under conditions. 



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