Hiking on the plateaus of Tonomine kogen 砥峰高原


Tonomine Plateau Plain

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Walk around Himeji in amazing plateaus

The Tonomine Plateaus are located in the heart of Hyogo Prefecture, north of Himeji City. This natural site of 90 hectares deserves a visit and a walk of a few hours, especially in autumn.

The famous tall pampas grasses that give these trays their color are susuki, nicknamed "Chinese reeds" or "elephant grass" because of their large size.

This giant grass changes color with the seasons: it is a beautiful green in summer, and then turns golden and then red in late autumn.

In the past, this fluffy grass was also used to make thatched roofs for farms. In winter, you can also enjoy a unique landscape entirely covered in a blanket of snow.


Tonomina in summer

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Tononime in autumn

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Wait until dusk for the chance to snap some great shots of the setting sun from the observation deck.

Finally, if you are visiting the site between the end of March and the beginning of April, do not miss the spectacle of the burning of the susuki. Indeed, every year, controlled fire is launched in these plains to give new energy to the plants and prevent weeds from settling.

The show is quite impressive, being accompanied by the sound of huge traditional drums.


Tonomine fires in the spring

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    From JR Himeji Station: 43 min by JR Bantan Line train to Teramae and get off at the terminal. Then take a taxi for 20 min.

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  • Duration : 12 days
  • Locations : Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kawaguchiko, Tokyo
  • Included : English-speaking tour leader, 3*/4* Hotels & Ryokan, Visits & meals
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