Juzushi   珠数屋四郎兵衛

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Souvenir shop Juzushi

Showcase gift shop Juzushi.

Souvenir shop Juzushi

A mala traditional Buddhist bracelet.

Sacred trade

Like every self-respecting holy place, Koyasan also has its traditional gift shop. A well-stocked shop where you can find everything but faith.

After visiting all the temples and trails of Mount Koya, you may have a sudden urge to buy a trinket, a souvenir or Buddhist prayer beads. To satisfy you there is Juzushi.

The store is set up in a large, catch-all house. But even if the activity is a little less pious, the faithful come here and for good reason. The perfect pilgrim's panoply can be found in this store. In particular, the classical Buddhist bracelets. Also called mala, are available here in all varieties.

Shelves and shelves of strung beads. From the most simple wooden beads to the most elaborate in pearl or semi-precious stones, you have a wide choice. However, cost aside, the faithful risk paying the price of a "sacred" object. The figures soar high enough to reach the famous Mount Koya. To keep its customers a little longer, the store also offers accommodation.

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