Nanpodo Sweet Shop   南峰堂本舗

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Pastry restaurant Nanpodo

A traditional sweet at Nanpodo Sweet shop.

Greedy pilgrimage

Red beans, rice, sweet potato, alcohol... who could imagine that these ingredients, once subjected to a strange alchemy, could create such delicious candies?

Tackling the ascent of Mount Koya requires good preparation. Before you take on this most sacred geological feature, have one last boost of sweet energy at Nanpodo sweet shop.

This old, wooden establishment is like a time machine. Forget the chemically fake or sour tastes of usual candy, the confectioneries on offer here are 100% pure juice, guaranteed. Inside, the sweets are lined up on simple displays.

A table and few chairs tucked in a corner of the store welcome visitors with tired feet, who can enjoy their purchases with a cup of tea on the house. Visitors find themselves instantly transported back to 1950... or is it 1930? It is difficult to say, as the establishment seems to be frozen in time.

The average price of the candy on offer is about 110 yen: cake filled with chestnut cream, flavored and cooked rice paste, the combinations never cease to amaze! The specialty of the store is the sake manju, a small filled cake delicately flavored with rice wine. So liven up your taste buds in this den of curious confections.

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