Omotesando shopping street   表参道商店街

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Omotesando shopping street in Miyajima

Omotesando shopping street in Miyajima.


A shop in the Omotesando shopping street.

Shopping in Omotesando

Not to be confused with the trendy district of Tokyo, Omotesando is one of the busiest streets in Miyajima!

This street, which is about three hundred and fifty meters long, is always busy and holds many surprises: small noodle restaurants smelling of spices, stalls selling food to enjoy as you walk along, souvenir shops full of trinkets to put on a desk or to savor - small floating torii, the cakes of the island, rice spatulas ... as Miyajima is also famous for its shakushi made ​​of wood: you can also marvel at the largest shakushi in the world, which is five meters long!

Stroll by kebabs sellers and the windows where they prepare the famous little cakes filled with anko (sweet red bean paste). Okonomiyaki (pancakes originating from the Hiroshima region, with seafood or meat) will be cooked in front of you on some stands. Night owls gourmets can feast on oysters and eel at the Mame tanuki restaurant.

The street takes you to the stone torii Ishidorii where you can see the large gate, Otorii, of Itsukushima Shrine.

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