Tamaki-jinja shrine 玉置神社

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Le sanctuaire Tamaki-jinja, au sud de la préfecture de Nara.

The Tamaki-jinja shrine, in the south of Nara prefecture.

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Pilgrimage to the top

Nestled at altitude, in the heart of the Kii peninsula, in the south of Nara prefecture, the Tamaki-jinja sanctuary is part of a site of more than 500 hectares classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Sacred and classified routes


These trails connect Nara and Osaka to the three major Kumano Sanzan shrines (Hongu Taisha in Tanabe, Hayatama Taisha in Shingu, and Nachi Taisha in Nachikatsuura), one of Japan's holiest sites .


More specifically, the Tamaki-jinja shrine is on the Omine Okugakemichi road (between Yoshino and the Hongu Taisha shrine) where the disciples of shugendo (this set of ultra-rigorous rites practiced by mountain monks) came - and still come - to form.


In 2004, the shrines and pilgrimage routes of the Kii Mountains were listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site . " They reflect ," reads the United Nations website, " the fusion between Shinto, rooted in the ancient Japanese tradition of nature worship, and Buddhism from China and the Korean peninsula ."


Pilgrims roam the sacred paths of Kumano Kodô.



A spiritual forest


Located in the heart of this lush and sacred nature , the Tamaki-jinja shrine is known for its cedar forest . Gigantic trees that have been designated a " natural monument" , including a jindai-sugi , said to be 3,000 years old.

The shrine, whose main building is made of wood, is said to have been founded by Emperor Sujin, tenth emperor of Japan, around 37 BC .


Les arbres centenaires qui entourent le sanctuaire ont été classés "monument national".

The century-old trees that surround the sanctuary have been classified as a "national monument".

Teaoka (Flickr)

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