Hakuto Beach 白兎海水浴場 

The coast of the white rabbit


Pleasant for swimming, ideal for surfing, the beautiful white sand beach of Hakuto in Tottori prefecture is at the heart of several Japanese founding myths. Hakuto beach has the ability to seduce both fans of idleness wishing to lie on the sand with their toes fanned out, but also fans of Japanese culture, history and mythology buffs.



The temple of medicine

A few hundred meters from the beach, the Hakuto-jinja temple, founded in 1669, is dedicated to the rabbit kami . This temple is said to have the power to heal burns and skin diseases. It is perceived as the cradle of Japanese medicine but also of veterinary medicine. Its pond mentioned in the legend, the Mitarashi-ike, has the particularity of constantly having the same level; whatever the time of year. You can pray to several statues bearing the effigy of the white rabbit and come and place small white pebbles called musubi-ishi there to hope that your wish will come true. The myth of the white rabbit has given rise to many books, children's stories, poems and songs . These literary traces are scattered around: a stele engraved with a poem is located inside the Hakuto-jinja, another bearing the words of a song is placed on the seafront.



Hakuto-jinja, temple of medicine



Closer to legend

150 meters west from the beach, you can see the small islet where the rabbit was trapped. This volcanic rock islet even looks like a rabbit , shown lying down with its hind legs extended! At low tide, reefs emerge from the water and look like the backs of sharks. This zoomorphic nature is truly disturbing! At the top of the island, nearly 10 meters high, sits a torii (traditional Shinto gate) marking the sacredness of the place and the entrance to the Shirousagikawashimo-jinja , built on the beach. "Shirousagikawashimo-jinja" literally means the downstream shrine of the Shirousagi legend, i.e. the shrine closest to the location of the legend and the islet. Every August 1 , a garland symbolizing divine lights connects the torii to the small sacred building. Religious ceremonies also take place on the beach.



The Shirousagikawashimo jinja is closer to legend



Lights between Rabbit Island and the beach



Hakuto, land of love

In legend, the long-eared matchmaker who turned out to be a kami is the god of the marriage of two gods, Ôkuninushi and Princess Yagami. Their romance is the oldest love story in the archipelago. Hakuto therefore enjoys special appeal to lovers as the birthplace of Japan's first love story. Hakuto Beach was even designated " Sacred Land of Lovers " in 2010. Before leaving, do not hesitate to bite into the Inaba white rabbit in the form of manjū ( inaba no shirousagimanjû ) or taiyaki stuffed with anko (red bean paste). To be enjoyed as a couple in front of a sunset!


Shirousagi manju

Bite into these inaba no shirousagi manju!


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