Tottori 鳥取

  • Published on : 01/12/2021
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Visit of Tottori, the city of sand

A city at the gates of a wild, rural and authentic region, Tottori is ideal for discovering a natural and traditional Japan. Apart from the usual tourist attractions, discover the mysteries and secrets of the Tottori region.

The history of Tottori

The city of Tottori is the capital of the prefecture of the same name. It is located in the central region of Chûgoku on Honshu Island. The city is located on the coast, facing the Sea of Japan, about a hundred kilometers north of Himeji.

The city located on the coast of San-in, the northernmost island of Honshu, takes its name from an ancient civilization that settled at the foot of Mt. Kyusho, northeast of the current city. At the mouth of the Sendai River, urban space has gradually expanded there over the centuries.

In 1532 a castle, today in ruins, was built by a noble of the city. During the Edo period, the city passed into the hands of the Ikeda, a prosperous clan. Finally, at the dawn of the Meiji era, the castle was destroyed, deemed expendable by the new authorities. The spot it once stood is still appreciated today for its cherry trees during the hanami season.

Tottori Guide
Tottori Map
Tottori Guide
Tottori Guide
Tottori Guide
Tottori Guide
Tottori Guide
Tottori Guide
Tottori Guide
Tottori Guide
Dunes Tottori

Les Dunes de Tottori

Wikimedia Commons

Here are the main places of interest that you should not miss during a stay in Tottori:

  • The Tottori dunes. From the station, take the Kirinjishi Loop bus to the Sakyu stop (200 yen). Possibility to take a camel ride, in a horse-drawn carriage ...
  • The ruins of the castle and the view of the city. Address: 2 Chome-124 Higashimachi, Tottori, 680-0011
  • The Kannon-in temple. Address: 162 Uemachi, Tottori, 680-0015



Les ruines du château de Tottori

Wikimedia Commons

Le Kannon-in

Vue de l'avant du Kannon-in, le jardin étant situé à l'arrière.


Le Hakuto-jinja

Wikimedia Commons


La plage d'Hakuto

Wikimedia Commons

Our tours in Tottori

  • Duration : 19 days
  • Locations : Tokyo, Hakone Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Chugoku, Miyajima, Okayama, Osaka
  • Included : Airport Transfers, 3* Hotels & Ryokan, Japan Experience house, Non-flight transportation, Guided activities, Travel diary, Pocket wifi, Assistance
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