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You have decided to go to Japan, but you have not bought your ticket yet? Find out about the best prices and get useful tips from our experts by comparing fares of airlines flying between France and Japan.


Direct flights


Japan Airlines

12 flights per week
Mark: 16.3/20 
Pitch*: 80 cm

All Nippon Airways

10 flights per week
Mark: 16.2/20
Pitch*: 80 cm 

Air France

17 flights per week
Mark: 15.6/20
Pitch*: 79 cm

Stopover flights


Singapore Airlines

5 flights per week (Singapore)
Mark: 17.8/20 
Pitch*: 81.5 cm


10 flights per week (Dubai)
Mark: 16.6/20
Pitch*: 81.5 cm 


7 flights per week (Helsinki)
Mark: 16.1/20
Pitch*: 81.5 cm

Cathay Pacific

8 flights per week (Hong Kong)
Mark: 15.9/20
Pitch*: 81.5 cm


10 flights per week (Frankfurt)
Mark: 15.8/20
Pitch*: 80 cm

Korean Air

10 flights per week (Seoul)
Mark: 15.3/20
Pitch*: 81.5 cm


10 flights per week (Copenhagen)
Mark: 16.3/20
Pitch*: 80 cm

Air China

6 flights per week (Beijing)
Mark: 13.8/20
Pitch*: 81.5 cm


10 flights per week (Milan)
Mark: 13.7/20
Pitch*: 80 cm

China Eastern

5 flights per week (Shanghai)
Mark: 13.4/20
Pitch*: 81.5 cm

All the questions for choosing the right flight to Japan


Am I leaving from my country’s capital or from another city airport ?

European airlines offer several flight possibilities from several European cities thus increasing the number of flight possibilities and avoiding too many stopovers.

Will I visit several regions in Japan ?

The 2 Japanese companies, JAL and ANA, offer the "Open Jaw" formula, with a connection to Japan, without any extra charge.

What’s “Open Jaw”?:

“Open Jaw” is
 flight where the return journey leaves from a different airport than the arrival airport.

To visit Japan from north to south: Paris/Tokyo/Sapporo outbound and Okinawa/Osaka/Paris on the return.



Will I cope with the time difference well? 

Whatever flight you choose, the outbound flight feels like a night cut short. The return flight on the other hand is like an afternoon that doesn't end…

Outbound flights arriving early in the morning are preferable to those arriving in the afternoon or in the evening. 


Do I risk losing holiday time?

The time difference between a direct flight and a stopover flight is at least three hours and can easily go up to six hours.
A direct flight, selected with a night flight to return on Air France or Japan Airlines, gives you an extra day's holiday.  


Do I have a bit of time to enjoy the stopover?

Some companies offer a stop of 24 hours or more during the stopover without any additional costs.

It would be unfortunate to miss out on some stops such as Shanghai where the Universal Expo is being held in 2010, by travelling on Air China.

Am I sensitive to the quality of service in the aircraft?

Not all airlines are equal, and some such as Emirates, have made the quality of their service their crusade.

Especially when you embark on-board the new A380 which is much quieter and more spacious. 

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Did you know?

All airlines monitor the prices charged by the competition every day to optimise their filling capacity and the profitability of their aircraft.

This leads to reducing the differences in price on the one hand between the airlines, and on the other between the various plane ticket retailers.

So, for scheduled flights leaving on a precise date, the prices charged by the different websites or travel agency networks are increasingly close.  


What are the consequences for you?

If your date of travel is already decided on, your margin for negotiating the best price is therefore narrower.

On the other hand use the information available on the airlines to optimise the duration and the quality of your flight.  

It is possible to book a seat in advance on some airlines, such as Air France.

To be sure of having the best seat, think about asking your agency for the booking start date.