Asakusa Station 浅草駅

  • Published on : 29/06/2014
  • by : Japan Experience

Access to the traditional district in Tokyo

Asakusa Station: read a guide to the four Asakusa Stations in Taito-ku, Tokyo, each serving a different railway line.


The Tobu Skytree Line station has ramps and elevators (Main Entrance) for full barrier-free access, as well as wheelchair-friendly toilets.

The Ginza Line Asakusa Station has an elevator at street level at Exit 1 to the ticket wickets.The platforms are on the same level as the ticket wickets. There are wheelchair-accessible toilets

The Asakusa Line station has a street-level elevator at Exit A2-b, and has wheelchair-friendly toilets.

The Tsukuba Express Line station has elevators for full barrier-free access (Exit A1), as well as wheelchair-accessible toilets.

Asakusa Station, Ginza Line, Tokyo Subway

Asakusa Station, Ginza Line, Tokyo Subway

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