Kuramae Station 蔵前駅

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Oedo Line Platform Kuramae

Oedo Line platform at Kuramae Station


Kuramae Station on the Oedo Line and Kuramae Station on the Asakusa Line are both Toei-operated subway line stations in the Kuramae district. Unusually, changing between them involves going up to street level and walking 5 minutes along the sidewalk.

Umayabashi Intersection

Umayabashi Intersection, connecting Kuramae Station (Oedo Line) and Kuramae Station (Asakusa Line). The Oedo Line station is left from here.

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Kuramae Station on the Asakusa Line (Rose)

Kuramae Subway Station on the Asakusa Line (station number A-17) is the southernmost of the two stations. It runs roughly north-south along Edo-dori Avenue (Route 6). To change to Kuramae Station on the Oedo Line, the best exit to take depends on which platform of Kuramae Station on the Asakusa Line you are using. (While there is a passageway inside the station between the two opposite platforms, using the optimum exit significantly reduces the distance you walk and the number of stairs you have to use.)
Platform 1 is for trains heading southwards, in the direction of Nishi-magome station (the next station being Asakusabashi Station). Use Exit A2 (stairs) or A1 (elevator - see Barrier Free). To get to the Oedo Line station, turn right out of Exit A2 and go as far as Umayabashi Intersection where you cross Edo-dori Avenue. Exit A6 of the Oedo Line Kuramae Station is a few meters along Kasuga-dori Avenue.
Platform 2 is for trains heading northwards, in the direction of Oshiage station (the next station being Asakusa Station). Use Exit A4 (stairs) or A0 (elevator - see Barrier Free). To get to the Oedo Line station, turn left out of Exit A4 and then left at the big Umayabashi Intersection onto Kasuga-dori Avenue (Route 453). After a few meters you will see Exit A6 of the Oedo Line station on your left.

The station south of Kuramae Station on the Asakusa Line is Asakusabashi Station, and the station north of it is Asakusa Station. Do not get them confused! Asakusa Station is the popular tourist destination, not Asakusabashi.

Kurumae Station A6

Oedo Line entrance to Kuramae Station


Exit 5 Oedo Line

Exit 5 on the Oedo Line Kuramae Station, for elevator access

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