Visiting Japan with a Stroller   赤ちゃん

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In Japan, there are several paid stroller rental.

In Japan, there are several paid stroller rental.

The radius of a milk konbini.

The radius of a milk konbini.

The kodomo no hi, Children's Day.

The kodomo no hi, Children's Day.

Traveling with a baby

From Japanese diapers to strollers for rent, how to facilitate a trip with a toddler.

Besides the jet lag, traveling with a toddler in Japan is easier than many other countries. Highlights of the Archipelago: Equipment and services. Diapers and milk for babies can be found in supermarkets open 24/7. Public places and shopping centers are (almost) always equipped with changing tables, and hotels and ryokan offer babysitting services.


Since 2006, children must have their own passport, and it is no longer possible to place a minor on his or her parent's passport.  Please check you home countries rules and regulations about passports.

Although there are no mandatory vaccinations for a trip to Japan, it is imperative that the child is up to date on his or her vaccines.

Spoon and bottle

It is not easy to find baby food in Japan (check out the chain store Ippondo ) and the flavors are often not liked by non-Japanese babies... better to plan a small stock of food in your luggage or a small pressure cooker (but watch out for electrical standards).

The illustrations on baby food containers can be of great help, but understanding them is another matter. Here are some tips to choose a suitable milk.

Public transport

Free for children under 6 and half price between 6 and 12 years old (bus, subway, and the Japan Rail Pass).

In Tokyo, avoid rush hour! There is no way to get out of the stroller on the subway, and the lack of space can scare the little ones. Also, choose a stroller that will be easy to carry up and down the many steps of temples.

Stroller for rent

We can avoid bringing a bulky stroller by renting one in Japan, for example from the online shops Nicebaby or Babyfriend, which offer car seats, cots, baby carrier, etc. These sites are all in Japanese, but the hotel staff will be happy to assist you. For the rest of your XXS shopping, the store Akachan Honpo (nationwide) offers a wide range of baby goods, strollers and maternity clothes.

Note that some department stores (such as Canal City in Fukuoka) have strollers for free while shopping.  

Good advice

Japan for Kids, a guide book specially designed for traveling with a child in Japan, provides valuable advice but the latest edition dating back to 2000, and numerous addresses given are gone.

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