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Exposition Kyotographie 2021


KYOTOGRAPHY is the Kyoto International Photography Festival, now recognized as one of the world's leading photographic events.

Yosakoi Soran Matsuri Festival

The Yosakoi festival takes place every year, in June, in the city of Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido.

Le festival des renards d'Oji

Oji's Inari Matsuri

North of the capital, Oji is a small district full of charm.

La foire du coq  à Asakusa

Festival in Asakusa: Tori no ichi

The rooster market is a typically Japanese traditional event where Kumade, "lucky rakes", are sold in a colorful and lively atmosphere.

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Otaimatsu Festival Nara

Otaimatsu Festival Nara: the Otaimatsu Fire Ceremony at Nigastsu-do Temple in Nara takes place in March; young monks carry huge, flaming torches around the open balcony of the temple.

Ishidori festival

The Popular Festivals of Mie Prefecture

The festivals (matsuri) in Japan are colorful moments that often reveal another side of the Japanese: their customary reserve gives way to exuberance but perfectionism is always in order,


Olympic Games 2020 - Martial Arts

Very important for the Japanese, there will be three martial arts during the 2020 Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Visiting Tokyo during the 2020 Olympic Games

Between Olympic events, spectators will also be able to discover Japanese culture in the heart of Tokyo.

Un groupe en préparation juste avant la grande parade

The Akita Kanto matsuri lantern festival

Every summer, the Akita Kanto matsuri lantern festival is a great popular festival in the region.

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Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival

Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Hirosaki Castle Park from the end of April until early April and has over 2,600 cherry trees in bloom.


Yuki Akari no Michi - Otaru's Snow and Light Path Festival

For twenty years, in the heart of winter, the small port town of Otaru to the west of Sapporo has adorned itself with its most beautiful finery (traditional lanterns, candles, illuminated ice sculp

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Fukushima Waraji Festival

The Fukushima Waraji Festival in Fukushima city takes place on the first weekend in August and features parades and dances on the theme of straw sandals.

Grand feu d'artifices d'Omagari

Japan's most beautiful hanabi in Omagari

The fireworks display at the end of August in Omagari, in the town of Daisen in Akita Prefecture, are among the most famous in Japan.

Tambo art à Inakadate

“Tambo Art”, the art of the rice fields in Inakadate

Tambo art is an artistic technique that consists of creating a design with different varieties of rice directly in a rice field.

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Osaka Festivals & Events

Osaka Festivals: see a listing of festivals in Osaka throughout the year from January to December including the Tenjin Festival and the Danjiri Matsuri.

La Triennale de Setouchi

Getting around during the Setouchi Triennial

On the occasion of the major contemporary art event, the Setouchi Triennale, visitors and art enthusiasts will have to sail between the different islands of the Seto Inland Sea to visit the works.

Olympic Games 2020 - surfing in Tsurigasaki

Surfing is one of the five new sports pre-selected in September 2015 by Japan and approved in August 2016 by the IOC.

Le champion de tennis Kei Nishikori

Olympic Games 2020 - Tennis at Ariake

Tennis was one of the original sports of the modern Olympic Games, with events already present in 1896 in Athens.

Tokyo Midtown Koinobori

Tokyo Midtown Koinobori

From April 22 to May 8, Koinobori invades Roppongi Midpark. A project was set up in honor of Children's Day on May 5, which delights young and old around Tokyo Midtown!

L'île d'Enoshima avec en arrière-plan le mont Fuji

Olympic Games 2020 - The water events in Enoshima

In 1964, the sailing events of the Tokyo Olympic Games were already held at the Enoshima marina, also called the port of Shonan.

La salle Ryogoku Kokugikan à Sumida (Tokyo) peut accueillir 13 000 personnes.

Olympic Games 2020 - Boxing at the foot of the Tokyo SkyTree

Boxing was a combat sport practiced in antiquity by the Greeks and the Romans, present at the Olympiads of 688.

Handball JO

2020 Olympics - Handball in the heart of Tokyo

Appearing at the beginning of the 20th century, handball became an Olympic sport for the first time in 1936.

Des cyclistes s'affrontant au keirin.

Olympic Games 2020 - Cycling in the Izu Peninsula and at the foot of Mount Fuji

Cycling is one of the original sports of the Olympic Games, already present during the first edition of 1896 in Athens.

Gare Keikyû de l'aéroport international de Haneda

Traveling to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo is renowned for its well-developed public transportation system but intends to showcase the best transportation system in the world during the 2020 Olympics!

Saitama Super Arena

Olympics 2020 - Basketball

Basketball has been on the schedule for the Summer Olympics since 1936. In 2020, the discipline returns for its 20th Olympiad. And it will be accompanied by a variant of the sport in 3x3.

Le football suscite beaucoup de ferveur au Japon. Ici, un tifo aux couleurs du drapeau japonais, au stade Nissan de Yokohama

Olympic Games 2020 - Soccer

The Olympic Games are the most-watched sports competition in the world, just ahead of the World Cup.


Where to eat in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics?

Hungry after a day of attending the Olympic games... Discover our selection of favorite restaurants near the venues of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games events!

Parc Daiba

Olympic Games 2020 - Aquatic events in Odaiba

The Tokyo Olympics will feature 33 different sports.

La baie de Tokyo d'Odaiba

The 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

The Paralympic Games have gone hand in hand with the Olympic Games for several decades. They allow people with different physical disabilities to compete in sporting categories of their own.

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Some no Komichi Festival

The Some no Komichi festival in Nakai and Ochiai in Shinjuku celebrates the area's traditional fabric dyeing industry with fabrics displayed in the streets.

Plum blossoms in Dazaifu

Dazaifu Tenmangu has a plum tree famous for the legend that says it flew from Kyoto to join teacher Sugawara no Michizane. Much later, an Empress planted another at its side.

Vue du jardin Kairaku-en lors du festival

Mito Plum Festival

The Plum Blossom Festival is held every year in one of Japan's most beautiful gardens, Kairaku-en in Mito.

Fuji Shibazakura Matsuri

Admire the Shibazakura near Tokyo

Did you miss the cherry blossoms?

Pruniers en fleurs à Kitano Tenmangû

Baikasai in Kitano Tenmangu

Kitano Tenmangu plums are sought after throughout Kansai, and the blooming of the 1,500 plum blossoms is a very popular sight!

Warabi Hadaka matsuri , Yotsukaido

Warabi Hadaka Matsuri

Warabi Hadaka matsuri is a unique festival that takes place on February 25 in Yotsukaido. Near naked men smear babies with straws soaked in the mud...

Les cerisiers illuminés de Rikugien

The spring illuminations of the Rikugi-en garden

Every year, Rikugi-en holds its spring illuminations. Ten days of festivities during which the cherry blossoms reveal their most beautiful colors under the nocturnal lighting of the garden!

Promenade en calèche sous les cerisiers en fleurs

The Kitakami Cherry Blossom Festival

Head to northern Tohoku, Kitakami, for a festival that combines cherry blossoms and Koinobori, to vie the flying carp and pink petals soaring in the spring air!

Le mont Fuji vu du parc des pruniers de Soga Bairin à Odawara

Odawara Ume Matsuri

In Odawara, a coastal town on Sagami Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture, the end of winter is brightened by the blooming of more than 35,000 plum trees!

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Onouchihyakkei Icicle Park

Onouchihyakkei Icicle Park in Ogano in the Chichibu region of Saitama Prefecture stages an annual illumination of its spectacular icicles.

Miyako odori

Miyako Odori

Miyako Odori, one of Kyoto's most popular festivals, invites you to pay tribute to these small pink-tinted flowers.

Temple Zenko-ji

Nagano Gokaicho Festival

Every seven years, the famous Zenkoji temple, located in the city of Nagano, unveils a replica of the first statue of Amida Buddha: an event that attracts more than 5 million visitors!

Des tissus par millier

Some no Komichi

Organized every year in the Nakai district north of Shinjuku, Some no Komichi is a festival that will delight lovers of beautiful fabrics.

Karatsu Kunchi

Every year, between November 2 and 4, the Karatsu Kunchi festival is held.

Représentation de namahage Musée de Folklore d’ Oga Shinzan


On New Year's Eve on the Oga Peninsula in Akita Prefecture. Namahage, a kind of demon, visits families and terrorizes children!

Le Pikachu Outbreak

Pikachu Outbreak: when Pokémon electrify Yokohama!

Every year since 2014 Yokohama has organized its Pikachu Outbreak, 8 days of festivities centered around the most famous Pokémon on the planet: Pikachu!

Les illuminations de Subzero Forest

The illuminations of the Subzero Forest

Located a stone's throw from the Akigami Onsen hot springs in Gifu prefecture, the Subzero Forest is a rather special forest.

Les illuminations d'automne de Rikugi-en

The fall illuminations of Rikugi-en Park

Created in Komagome in the 17th century by order of shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, Rikugi-en is one of Tokyo's most famous gardens for its reddening leaves!

Ultra Japan a lieu tous les ans à Odaiba


Every year since 2014, Ultra Japan has thrilled the Ultra Park in Odaiba.

Hiwatari-sai, mont Takao

The Hiwatari Festival at Mount Takao

For centuries, every second Sunday of March, yamabushi (monks living in the mountains) come to practice in great ceremony the asceticism of fire, Hiwatari, at the foot of Mount Ta

Le mikoshi arrosé

Fukagawa Hachiman Festival

In the historic district of Fukagawa, the Fukagawa Hachiman Festival takes place every year. It is one of the three most critical Shinto festivals in Tokyo!

Festival des lanternes de Nagasaki

Nagasaki Lantern Festival

From Chinese New Year to the 15th day of the lunar calendar, the Lantern Festival brightens the streets of Nagasaki.

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Ogose Plum Blossom Festival

Ogose Plum Blossom Festival takes place in Ogose, Chichibu, Saitama, during the plum blossom period of early to mid-March.

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Yamayaki Mountain Burning Festival Mount Omuro

The Yamayaki Mountain Burning Festival on Mount Omuro in Izu is held on the second Sunday of February, weather permitting.

La cérémonie d'Omizuokuri,  Obama

The Omizu-okuri ceremony


Every March 2, in the city of Obama, takes place a strange ceremony called Omizu-okuri , literally "the sending of water".


Plum blossoms in Tokyo

If you're in Tokyo in February, the blossoming trees you might see are plum trees, not cherry trees! These blossoms herald the end of winter.

Arashiyama Hanatouro

Arashiyama Hanatôro

Roads filled with flowers and light...This is the meaning of the term Hanatouro.

Lady Baba et deux geishas devant le public

Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa

Guided by Lady Baba, the owner of the place, discover the world of geishas by attending a show filled with humor and tradition.

Asahikawa Winter Festival

Since 1947 the city of Asahikawa in Hokkaido has hosted the second largest winter festival in Japan, after Sapporo.

Shuri Castle Festival

From the end of October to the beginning of November the streets of Naha, the capital of Okinawa, are full of color and invite you on a journey back in time, to the era of the Ryukyu Kingdom...

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Chichibu Night Festival - Chichibu Yomatsuri

Chichibu Night Festival (秩父夜祭 Chichibu Yomatsuri) is one of the biggest festivals of the Kanto area.

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Tenjin Matsuri (Tenjin Festival) Osaka

Tenjin Matsuri (天神際) is one of Osaka's largest and most colorful festivals. Tenjin Festival takes place annually on July 24 and July 25 around Tenjin Shrine.

Nagasaki Hunchi, The Chinese Dragon Dance

The Nagasaki Kunchi Festival

Kunchi is the name of a festival held every year in autumn (October 7-9) at Suwa-jinja, a Shinto shrine in Nagasaki.

Japan Visitor - kodaiji-2017-5.jpg

Kodaiji Temple Illuminations & Projection Mapping

Three times a year in spring, summer and autumn, Kodaiji Temple is illuminated at night and stages a 3-minute projection mapping show.

Okazaki Fireworks Festival.

Okazaki Fireworks Festival

The Okazaki Fireworks Festival takes place in August in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture along the river in Okazaki and in Okazaki Castle Park.

Night hanami at Kinugawa Onsen

In spring, the Kinugawa Onsen Resort organizes night-time hanami and entertainment in its grounds.

Jidai Matsuri

Jidai Matsuri

Like Rome, Kyoto didn't happen in a day. The two thousand participants parading during the Jidai Matsuri honor the memory of the great figures who helped shape the city's long history.

Daimon-ji Gozan Okuribi

Daimon-ji Gozan Okuribi

In summer, the humidity of Kyoto loosens its imprint at dusk.

Torii of Itsukushima shrine in Miyajima

Miyajima Dance Night


Miyajima Dance Night takes place two consecutive evenings on Mikasahama Beach and up to Itsukushima Shrine, a few days after the Obon Festival.


Fireworks near the sanctuary itsukushima in Miyajima

Miyajima Fireworks

Every year in August, on the 26th, an explosion of colors and shapes lights the sky over Miyajima behind the iconic torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine, offering an unforgettable spectacle.


Tanabata at the Shukkei-en Garden

From 1st to 7th of July, the city of Hiroshima celebrates the feast of the stars, Tanabata.

Sapporo snow festival

Every February, 250 ice and snow sculptures invade the streets of Sapporo: welcome to the Yuki Matsuri, a world-famous festival!

Parade du Aoi matsuri à Kyoto au mois de mai

Aoi Matsuri

A sight to see... as a procession of about five hundred richly dressed locals marches on May 15 through Kyoto's main streets!

Seiryuue Festival


The impressive Kiyomizu-dera, a temple on magnificent stilts, offers a spectacle three times a year worthy of a visit to celebrate the dragon god Seiryu.

The parent colorful LED several buildings in the Higashiyama district in Kyoto.

Hanatôro Higashiyama

Every March, generally the second week, the Higashiyama district is adorned with two thousand five hundred lanterns placed on the ground which illuminate the alleys and other remar

Fuji Matsuri Shibazakura

Fuji Matsuri Shibazakura

The hanami  season barely over, it is time for shibazakura, lawn cherry trees, to bring beauty to the Japanese landscape...

Le festival des fleurs de cerisiers à Ueno, Tokyo

Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival

A hanami mecca for nearly 400 years, Ueno Park has been synonymous with " hanami in Tokyo".

Kobe Luminarie

Originally a message of hope and comfort to the victims of the Kobe earthquake in 1995, the Kobe Luminarie has become one of the most famous places in Japan for winter illuminations.

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Tori no Ichi Festival

The Tori no Ichi is a year-end festival for fortune in the next year held in November at shrines mainly in Tokyo and features a gorgeously decorated good luck charm called a kumade.

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Danjiri Festival Kishiwada Osaka

Danjiri Festival: read a guide to the history and traditions of the Danjiri Festival in Kishiwada, south of Osaka.

Funadama Festival Nagatoro

The Funadama Festival is a river festival with boats decorated with colorful lanterns on the Arakawa River during Obon in Nagatoro in Saitama.

Hozuki Market

Pragmatism and religion, two things that the Japanese blend with delight. Hozuki market is one such example.

Suga Shrine Festival in Tokyo.

Asakusabashi Suga Shrine Festival

Asakusabashi Suga Shrine Festival

Hari Kuyo

In countries throughout the world artisans are often attached to their tools, but Japan may be the only country where they carry out religious ceremonies for their used and broken instruments...

Ako Gishisai Festival

Cinema has made ​​famous the legend of the forty-seven vengeful samurai. In Tokyo, they celebrate their memory at the Sengaku temple.

A group parading the streets of Fukuoka

Hakata Dontaku Festival

In Hakata, the Dontaku Festival has been celebrated for more than 800 years. Held during Golden Week, this carnival brings nearly 2 million people together every year.

Tokamachi Snow Festival

Tokamachi Snow Festival in Niigata is an annual snow festival featuring snow statues, music concerts, fireworks, food and a good time.

dome d'osaka

Kyocera Dome in Osaka

Osaka, the rebel, is an unusual city: the Kyocera Dome is one of the most flagrant example!

Ikegami Honmonji Temple

Oeshiki and Ten Thousand Lights at Ikegami Honmonji Temple

Ikegami Honmonji Temple, Tokyo: people from Nichiren Buddhist temples all over Japan come to commemorate the death of the 13th century priest Nichiren.

Awa Odori dancer of the festival (Tokushima), wearing the traditional hat amigasa.

Awa Odori, the dancing queens

The Awa Odori , or dance of Awa, is danced on the festival of the dead, Obon. It is one of the most common and appreciated traditional dances in Japan.

The first edition of the Tokyo Motor Show was held in 1954.

Tokyo Motor Show

In addition to numerous concept cars of Japanese brands, the International Exhibition of Tokyo Motor Show presents the latest innovations in eco-friendly vehicles.

Parades Batukada (drums) rhythm Asakusa Samba festival in the Tokyo.

Asakusa Samba Carnival

In the Asakusa area, the summer leaves to a samba tune.

Naniwa Yodogwa

Naniwa Yodogawa

At sunset, one day in early August, when the the cicadas wrap the twilight in their sweet ballad, after the intense heat of the day, the sky shines brightly over the Yodogawa River.

Cherry Japan Mint

Sakura no Toorinuke

An unusual visit, the cherry-tree-lined driveway of the banknote factory of the Japan Mint (government agency), however offers some of the finest flowers every year.

Honen Matsuri

The Komaki Festival in Aichi prefecture, is one of those Japanese traditions that would be almost unimaginable elsewhere in Japan.

Ceremony Omizutori


For over 1 200 years, Todaiji has been celebrating the return of spring by flamboyant purification ceremonies that end in a grand finale with the soothing water.

Japan Visitor - wakuwaku-1.jpg

Wakuwaku Winter Festival

Wakuwaku Winter Festival, held in February in Niigata Prefecture features digging snow caves, dondo-yaki, ball games, and making mochi.

Japan Visitor - emperor-birthday-7.jpg

Heisei Emperor's Birthday

Heisei Emperor's Birthday: there are two days in the year when ordinary people can enter the Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo: the Emperor's birthday and January 2nd, the Emperor's New Year Greetin

At the Tokyo International Anime Fair, impossible to address without talking animated Pokemon and Studio Ghibli.

Tokyo International Anime Fair

The Tokyo Big Sight convention center welcomes the largest manga and anime fair in the world.

The Tokyo Game Show is one of two major events dedicated to video games.

Tokyo Game Show

Held annually at the end of September in Chiba, the Tokyo Game Show brings together the great family of geeks for three days of discovery and entertainment.

Daruma Festival Kawagoe

Daruma Festival: read a guide to the Daruma matsuri held annually on 3rd January at Kita-in Temple in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture.

Kiyomori Festival

Kiyomori Matsuri

This festival celebrates the memory of the brave Taira no Kiyomori (1118-1181) who labored for the prosperity of Miyajima.

Party Kangensai

Kangensai Festival

Medieval ships gliding on the water, accompanied by the haunting sound of drums, flutes and other stringed instruments, all supported by a cheering crowd?

The hanabi (fireworks) outside Japan, gathering people whose Japanese delight.


Fireworks explode in the sky and reflect off the night waters under the gaze of a packed crowd. Summer fireworks are a tradition in Japan.

The fireworks Kameoka (August 7), in the suburbs of Kyoto.

Kameoka Fireworks

Less than 20 minutes by train from Kyoto in Kameoka, peace illuminates the sky with a magnificent fireworks display.

The opening parade at Ueno Natsu Matsuri lasts on average two and half hours.

Ueno Natsu Matsuri

If Ueno is known for its zoo and museum, it also home to one of Tokyo's major summer festivals: Uneo Natsu Matsuri.

Fireworks Edogawa and Ichikawa are among the most spectacular of Japan.

Edogawa and Ichikawa Fireworks

Fireworks in eastern Tokyo, Edogawa / Ichikawa dazzle crowds every year.

Each district Kawagoe manufactures its own tank to challenge others in the course of Kawagoe Matsuri.

Kawagoe Matsuri

Thirty minutes by train seperate Kawagoe from central Tokyo. That is nothing when it comes to discovering its amazing festival, which is held every third weekend of October.

Char of Takayama Matsuri

Takayama Matsuri

Renowned as one of the three most beautiful festivals in Japan along with the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto and the Chichibu Matsuri in Saitama Prefecture, Takayama Matsuri is held twice a year.

Otaue Festival

Otaue Festival

For bountiful harvests, nothing beats a dance and some songs! Discover the secrets of traditional rice planting at Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine in Osaka.

Kishiwada Minato Matsuri

Kishiwada Minato Matsuri

At the end of July, Osaka Harbor welcomes one of the largest firework displays in the city. Kishiwada Bay lights up with stardust.

Children, adults, teen, 70% of visitors to Himeji Yukata Matsuri wear a yukata.

Himeji Yukata Matsuri

They say it is the largest festival of its kind in Japan. Three days during which the colorful yukata replace jeans and gray suits.

Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri

Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri

A wave of screams and rainbow colors sweeps the streets of Kishiwada. Welcome to the festival of this small neighboring city of Osaka.

Tenjin Matsuri

Tenjin Matsuri

Osaka's Tenjin Matsuri remains one of the three biggest festivals in Japan. A celebration that lasts two days where parades, floats and other illuminations are in the spotlight.

Aizen Matsuri

Aizen Matsuri

Summer is synonymous with festivities in the country of the rising sun.

Festival Takigi Noh

Takigi Noh

One night of May in Nara. The breath of flutes and the dull pulse of drums set the tempo. The torches bathe the actors in a golden glow. Takigi Noh exalts the sublime art of Noh theater.

Setsubun Festival Mantoro

Setsubun Mantoro

Come and see over three thousand traditional Japanese lanterns, which shine for three days during this festival, which is held every year from February 3rd at Kasuga Taisha shrine.

Rôsoku matsuri

Rosoku matsuri

Every year, in August, the monastic center of Koyasan organizes a festival to honor the dead (obon).

Flower Festival in Hiroshima

Flower Festival

The Flower Festival of Hiroshima attracts tens of thousands of people, and it is continuing to grow.

International Animation Festival

Animation Festival

It is impossible to reduce a western cartoon to Walt Disney. Similarly, Japanese animation does not stop at Miyazaki Hayao and Ghibli films.

Yukata festival in Tôkasan

Tôkasan festival

In Hiroshima, wearing the yukata (light cotton kimono) is an over 400 year old tradition. Each year, to celebrate the return of summer and this outfit, a large festival takes place: the Tôkasan.

Ebisu festival in Hiroshima

Ebisu Matsuri

From November 18th to the 20th, the "Ebisuko" or Ebisu Matsuri is held in honor of the god of commerce, merchants, fishermen and prosperity.

Festival-ichi Fushigi

Fushigi-ichi Festival

At Yokogawa Station station on the third weekend of April, the streets are invaded by characters from Japanese cartoons for a unique and popular show.

Kyusho Mieku

Kyusho Mieku

One March 21st, many years ago, Kobo Daishi (774-835), founder of the Shingon Buddhist school and celebrated in most temples in Koyasan, went into meditation for eternity.

Dai Mandara Ku Festival

If you travel through Koyasan in April, you may come face to face with a curious procession when visiting Garan Temple: on the 10th of the most important ceremonies of the sacred mountain is held,

Aoba Matsuri

Aoba Matsuri

How was an inhabitant of a village in Shikoku able to rise up to the level of the great and travel to China? Aoba Matsuri honors the work of this major figure in Japanese Buddhism.

Festival Asanogawa Enyûkai

Asanogawa Enyûkai

For a weekend, the Asano River comes alive and hosts actors and dancers. While the branches are sagging under the weight of the cherry blossoms, men begin to float on water, as light as air.

Festival kagatobi dezomeshiki

Kagatobi Dezomeshiki Festival

Half naked firefighters perform acrobatics in the freezing cold. This tantalizing show takes place every January 6th, during the Kagatobi Dezomeshiki festival.

Hyakumangoku matsuri

Hyakumangoku Matsuri

June is announced with great fanfare in Kanazawa, with the Hyakumangoku Matsuri. Featuring a parade and a series of dances, the Castle Park is filled with good humor.

Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu festival

Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu

Do not be surprised if in a little street in Hakone you come across a samurai or a chariot carrier.

Ashinoko Kosui Matsuri

Ashinoko Kosui Matsuri

Every July 31st, at Hakone Shrine , one of the most important festivals of Hakone is held in honor of the nine-headed dragon of Lake Ashi .

The twenty thousand lights that illuminate the Yasukuni Jinja in Tokyo to give their name Mitama Matsuri festival lanterns.

Mitama Matsuri

The sun has set, and the sweltering heat of the Japanese summer has subsided. Yasukuni Shrine lights up. The Mitama Matsuri begins...

With the Sumida Matsuri, rockets Bay compete for the title of most impressive fireworks Tokyo fire.

Fireworks over the Bay

A profusion of color in the sky. Building windows shimmering with lights.The fireworks of Tokyo Bay seem to emerge from a dream.

Each year, the Sanja Matsuri draws a huge crowd in the Sensôju, the temple of Asakusa.

Sanja Matsuri

The most popular festival in Tokyo, the Sanja Matsuri brings together a mixed crowd looking for fun.

Every year on the last weekend of July, stands the gigantic fireworks celebration Sumida.

Sumida Festival

The Sumida Festival illuminates the Tokyo sky. Big summer event in the capital, the fireworks over the Sumida River are held on the last weekend of July.

Poster of the 65th festival Takigi Noh in Kyoto.

The Takigi Noh Festival

Noh theater is even more subtle and mysterious when performed on the dark, nighttime backgdrop of Heian Jingu Shrine.

Gion Matsuri

Gion Matsuri

This major tourist attraction, a popular festival but more specifically an ancestral celebration, is one of the most famous Japanese festivals.

Sanno Matsuri

Sanno Festival

When the cherry blossom festival is coming to an end, the Sanno Festival in Takayama celebrates the arrival of spring with a parade of floats through the city.  

Lanterns memorial ceremony in Hiroshima

Remembrance Ceremony

August 6th, 1945 ... This date rings in the ears of an entire country, like a heartbreaking cry.

Japan Visitor - earth-celebration-1.jpg

Earth Celebration Sado Island

Earth Celebration: read a guide to the Earth Celebration on Sado Island in Japan, an annual international percussion festival organized by the Kodo Drummers.

Tokorozawa Doll Memorial Celebration

The Tokorozawa Doll Memorial Celebration in Tokorozawa involves the ritual burning of Japanese dolls when they are no longer needed.

Holders of kazariyama each have a well-defined in order to properly maneuver the tank a ton role.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa

From July 1st, a frenzy grips the Hakata area of Fukuoka. The seven districts clash in huge chariot races in memory of a priest: this is the Hakata Gion Yamakasa.

Ichi Touki

Touki Ichi

Brought back from China in the 13th century by a craftsman by the name of KATO Shirozaemon, the techniques for creating ceramics had immense success in Japan.

Nippon to Asobu

Nippon to Asobo

Clamour of the street, children running, families walking around to the rhythm of the shows that resonate in the city... Celebrate peace in Japan and harmony with

Kyo Odori

Kyo odori

The curtain rises on porcelain dolls as The Kyo Odori celebrates the arrival of spring with songs and dances performed by geiko (geisha) and apprentices, maik

Festival Hiwatari Shiki

Hiwatari Shiki

Why not take advantage of a visit to the sacred island of Miyajima to invoke good health and happiness for oneself and loved ones?

Sai baika

Baika Sai


Sweet habit, every 25 of the month, to go to the flea market of Kitano Tenmangu. On February 25, however, a charming tea ceremony, a nodate, a little more occasional.


Shirahige Festival

Shirahige Festival: The Shirahige Festival in Kitsuki is held in October and involves the drinking of doburoku sake.

Japan Visitor - daimonji20191.jpg

Daimonji Festival Kyoto

Daimonji Festival Kyoto, Kyoto. Read about the August Daimonji Festival held in Kyoto where various hills in Kyoto are lit up with burning kanji characters.

Japan Visitor - owari-tsushima-2017-1.jpg

Nagoya Festivals

Nagoya Festivals: see a listing of festivals (matsuri) in Nagoya and the central Japan region throughout the year including Nagoya, Arimatsu and Inuyama.

Japan Visitor - kurama-fire-festival-1.jpg

Kurama Fire Festival

Fire Festival Kurama, Kyoto. Read about the October Fire Festival held in Kurama, Kyoto.

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Danjiri Festival Kishiwada

Danjiri Festival Kishiwada, Osaka. Read about the September Danjiri Festival held in Kishiwada, Osaka.

Anjin Festival

Anjin Festival Shizuoka. Read about the August Anjin Festival held in Ito, Shizuoka to celebrate the launch of Japan's first western style ships by William Adams.

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Nagasaki Lantern Festival

Nagasaki Lantern Festival. Read an article on Nagasaki Lantern Festival which celebrates Chinese New Year at the end of January and the beginning of February in Nagasaki, Kyushu.

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Hamamatsu Kite Festival

Hamamatsu Festival: read an article on Hamamatsu Kite Festival in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture including images, dates and access information.

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Ako Festival 47 Ronin

Read about the 47 Ronin and the Ako festival (Gishisai) which takes place in December in Hyogo prefecture near Kobe, western Japan.

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Heron Dance Sagimai Tsuwano

The Heron Dance Festival or Sagimai is a unique dance that occurs in Tsuwano in south west Japan in July.

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Yoiyama Festival & Gion Matsuri

Yoiyama Festival is part of Kyoto's Gion Matsuri and takes places on July 16 every year - read a guide to Yoiyama and the Gion Matsuri.

Otabi Festival Komatsu

Otabi Festival Komatsu: read a guide to the Otabi Festival in Komatsu. The festival consists of children's kabuki performances on beautifully decorated floats with music.

Shoro Nagashi Spirit Boat Procession

Shoro Nagashi Festival: read about the Shoro Nagashi Festival, the Spirit Boat Procession, that takes place in August in Nagasaki.

Kurama Matsuri

Kurama no Hi Matsuri

A matsuri (festival) in glowing flames and colorful lights is to be discovered in the charming mountain village of Kurama, just half an hour from the center of Kyoto.

Aichi Expo 2005

Aichi Expo 2005 (March-September 2005) including travel details, exhibits, pavilions and interviews.

Fireworks Yagi

Yagi fireworks

Colorful and luminous water lanterns, followed by fireworks: in Yagi, mid-August is marked by superb ceremonies.

Fireworks over the Uji River

Uji river fireworks

The city of Genji Monogatari offers a nice fireworks display (August 10) on the banks of the Ujigawa, more intimate and convivial than the major events of the genre.


Tanabata to Kyoto

Lovebirds from all over the world gather to Kyoto to embrace each other under pastel cherry trees or flaming maples.

Kamogawaodori is a geisha performances, apprentices and confirmed in Pontocho Kaburenjo theater in Kyoto.

Kamogawa Odori

Since 1872, the Pontochô Kaburenjo theater has been hosting “the dances of the Kamo river” - the one that winds slowly through the Pontochô district - one month a year at the end of spring (variabl

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Snowball Festival Koide Niigata

Snowball Festival: read about the quirky, fancy dress snowball festival in Koide, Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture.

Sakai Festival Osaka Prefecture

Sakai Festival: takes place on the third Saturday and Sunday of October. Look out for a bicycle parade, a flea market in Xavier Park and a tea ceremony.

Arimatsu Matsuri, Arimatsu, Near Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture.

Arimatsu Festival Near Nagoya

Arimatsu Festival (Arimatsu Matsuri): the town of Arimatsu, a suburb of Nagoya, has a colorful festival on the first weekend of October with large floats.

Tsushima festival

Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival

Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival, Aichi Prefecture 尾張津島天王際 - The 500-year-old Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival takes place annually on the 4th Saturday and Sunday in July in Tsushima just outside Nagoya.

Aoi Matsuri, Kyoto.

Aoi Festival Kyoto May 15

The AOi Festival takes place annually on May 15 and involves a procession in period costume between Shimo and Kamogamo shrines.

Tado Shrine, Mie Prefecture.

Tado Shrine Festival

Tado Shrine Festival 多度神社の祭り - Tado Shrine, near Kuwana in Mie, hosts its annual festival on May 4-5th.

Konomiya Shrine

Konomiya Hadaka Festival Aichi

Konomiya Hadaka Festival The town of Konomiya, part of Inazawa, just outside Nagoya witnesses one of Japan’s most famous hadaka matsuri or naked festivals.

Cherry Blossom

Nagoya Cherry Blossoms Where To See

Nagoya Cherry Blossoms: places to see cherry blossoms and enjoy hanami in Nagoya include Tsurumai Park, Nagoya Castle and Okazaki Castle Park.