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Des éventails, souvenir artisanal made in Kyoto.

What are the souvenirs to bring back from Kyoto?

Kyoto, its temples, its landscapes ... but that's not all! Make room in your suitcases and go shopping. Here are our tips on what souvenirs and gifts to buy in Kyoto.

La vitrine de Zohiko


Located in the heart of Kyoto, the Zohiko store has been offering lacquers of exceptional quality for more than 350 years.


The streets of Shinmonzen, Furumonzen and Shinbashi

Right next to Gion, the famous geisha district, a paradise for collectors can be found: several quiet streets which are full of traditional Japanese arts and crafts boutiques.

Choosing and Buying Ceramics in Japan

How do you decide which Japanese ceramics to purchase when you know almost nothing or nothing at all?