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Okazaki Fireworks Festival.

Okazaki Fireworks Festival

The Okazaki Fireworks Festival takes place in August in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture along the river in Okazaki and in Okazaki Castle Park.

Honen Matsuri

The Komaki Festival in Aichi prefecture, is one of those Japanese traditions that would be almost unimaginable elsewhere in Japan.

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Nagoya Festivals

Nagoya Festivals: see a listing of festivals (matsuri) in Nagoya and the central Japan region throughout the year including Nagoya, Arimatsu and Inuyama.

Arimatsu Matsuri, Arimatsu, Near Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture.

Arimatsu Festival Near Nagoya

Arimatsu Festival (Arimatsu Matsuri): the town of Arimatsu, a suburb of Nagoya, has a colorful festival on the first weekend of October with large floats.