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Mikage Shin 2024 A/W

Tokyo Fashion Week as a visitor to Japan

Undeniably influential to the development of the modern fashion landscape, Tokyo is widely considered a mecca for fashion enthusiasts for its distinct range of aesthetics and environment that allow

Le festival des renards d'Oji

Oji's Inari Matsuri

North of the capital, Oji is a small district full of charm.

La foire du coq  à Asakusa

Festival in Asakusa: Tori no ichi

The rooster market is a typically Japanese traditional event where Kumade, "lucky rakes", are sold in a colorful and lively atmosphere.


Olympic Games 2020 - Martial Arts

Very important for the Japanese, there will be three martial arts during the 2020 Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Visiting Tokyo during the 2020 Olympic Games

Between Olympic events, spectators will also be able to discover Japanese culture in the heart of Tokyo.

Olympic Games 2020 - surfing in Tsurigasaki

Surfing is one of the five new sports pre-selected in September 2015 by Japan and approved in August 2016 by the IOC.

Tokyo Midtown Koinobori

Tokyo Midtown Koinobori

From April 22 to May 8, Koinobori invades Roppongi Midpark. A project was set up in honor of Children's Day on May 5, which delights young and old around Tokyo Midtown!

Le champion de tennis Kei Nishikori

Olympic Games 2020 - Tennis at Ariake

Tennis was one of the original sports of the modern Olympic Games, with events already present in 1896 in Athens.

Handball JO

2020 Olympics - Handball in the heart of Tokyo

Appearing at the beginning of the 20th century, handball became an Olympic sport for the first time in 1936.

La salle Ryogoku Kokugikan à Sumida (Tokyo) peut accueillir 13 000 personnes.

Olympic Games 2020 - Boxing at the foot of the Tokyo SkyTree

Boxing was a combat sport practiced in antiquity by the Greeks and the Romans, present at the Olympiads of 688.

Gare Keikyû de l'aéroport international de Haneda

Traveling to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo is renowned for its well-developed public transportation system but intends to showcase the best transportation system in the world during the 2020 Olympics!

Saitama Super Arena

Olympics 2020 - Basketball

Basketball has been on the schedule for the Summer Olympics since 1936. In 2020, the discipline returns for its 20th Olympiad. And it will be accompanied by a variant of the sport in 3x3.

Le football suscite beaucoup de ferveur au Japon. Ici, un tifo aux couleurs du drapeau japonais, au stade Nissan de Yokohama

Olympic Games 2020 - Soccer

The Olympic Games are the most-watched sports competition in the world, just ahead of the World Cup.


Where to eat in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics?

Hungry after a day of attending the Olympic games... Discover our selection of favorite restaurants near the venues of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games events!

Parc Daiba

Olympic Games 2020 - Aquatic events in Odaiba

The Tokyo Olympics will feature 33 different sports.

La baie de Tokyo d'Odaiba

The 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

The Paralympic Games have gone hand in hand with the Olympic Games for several decades. They allow people with different physical disabilities to compete in sporting categories of their own.

Japan Visitor - somenokomichi1.jpg

Some no Komichi Festival

The Some no Komichi festival in Nakai and Ochiai in Shinjuku celebrates the area's traditional fabric dyeing industry with fabrics displayed in the streets.

Fuji Shibazakura Matsuri

Admire the Shibazakura near Tokyo

Did you miss the cherry blossoms?

Vue du jardin Kairaku-en lors du festival

Mito Plum Festival

The Plum Blossom Festival is held every year in one of Japan's most beautiful gardens, Kairaku-en in Mito.

Warabi Hadaka matsuri , Yotsukaido

Warabi Hadaka Matsuri

Warabi Hadaka matsuri is a unique festival that takes place on February 25 in Yotsukaido. Near naked men smear babies with straws soaked in the mud...

Les cerisiers illuminés de Rikugien

The spring illuminations of the Rikugi-en garden

Every year, Rikugi-en holds its spring illuminations. Ten days of festivities during which the cherry blossoms reveal their most beautiful colors under the nocturnal lighting of the garden!

Des tissus par millier

Some no Komichi

Organized every year in the Nakai district north of Shinjuku, Some no Komichi is a festival that will delight lovers of beautiful fabrics.

Les illuminations d'automne de Rikugi-en

The fall illuminations of Rikugi-en Park

Created in Komagome in the 17th century by order of shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, Rikugi-en is one of Tokyo's most famous gardens for its reddening leaves!

Ultra Japan a lieu tous les ans à Odaiba


Every year since 2014, Ultra Japan has thrilled the Ultra Park in Odaiba.

Hiwatari-sai, mont Takao

The Hiwatari Festival at Mount Takao

For centuries, every second Sunday of March, yamabushi (monks living in the mountains) come to practice in great ceremony the asceticism of fire, Hiwatari, at the foot of Mount Ta

Le mikoshi arrosé

Fukagawa Hachiman Festival

In the historic district of Fukagawa, the Fukagawa Hachiman Festival takes place every year. It is one of the three most critical Shinto festivals in Tokyo!

Plum blossoms in Tokyo

If you're in Tokyo in February, the blossoming trees you might see are plum trees, not cherry trees! These blossoms herald the end of winter.

Le festival des fleurs de cerisiers à Ueno, Tokyo

Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival

A hanami mecca for nearly 400 years, Ueno Park has been synonymous with " hanami in Tokyo".

Japan Visitor - toninoichi-6.jpg

Tori no Ichi Festival

The Tori no Ichi is a year-end festival for fortune in the next year held in November at shrines mainly in Tokyo and features a gorgeously decorated good luck charm called a kumade.

Hozuki Market

Pragmatism and religion, two things that the Japanese blend with delight. Hozuki market is one such example.

Suga Shrine Festival in Tokyo.

Asakusabashi Suga Shrine Festival

Asakusabashi Suga Shrine Festival

Hari Kuyo

In countries throughout the world artisans are often attached to their tools, but Japan may be the only country where they carry out religious ceremonies for their used and broken instruments...

Ako Gishisai Festival

Cinema has made ​​famous the legend of the forty-seven vengeful samurai. In Tokyo, they celebrate their memory at the Sengaku temple.

Ikegami Honmonji Temple

Oeshiki and Ten Thousand Lights at Ikegami Honmonji Temple

Ikegami Honmonji Temple, Tokyo: people from Nichiren Buddhist temples all over Japan come to commemorate the death of the 13th century priest Nichiren.

The first edition of the Tokyo Motor Show was held in 1954.

Tokyo Motor Show

In addition to numerous concept cars of Japanese brands, the International Exhibition of Tokyo Motor Show presents the latest innovations in eco-friendly vehicles.

Parades Batukada (drums) rhythm Asakusa Samba festival in the Tokyo.

Asakusa Samba Carnival

In the Asakusa area, the summer leaves to a samba tune.

Japan Visitor - emperor-birthday-7.jpg

Heisei Emperor's Birthday

Heisei Emperor's Birthday: there are two days in the year when ordinary people can enter the Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo: the Emperor's birthday and January 2nd, the Emperor's New Year Greetin

At the Tokyo International Anime Fair, impossible to address without talking animated Pokemon and Studio Ghibli.

Tokyo International Anime Fair

The Tokyo Big Sight convention center welcomes the largest manga and anime fair in the world.

The Tokyo Game Show is one of two major events dedicated to video games.

Tokyo Game Show

Held annually at the end of September in Chiba, the Tokyo Game Show brings together the great family of geeks for three days of discovery and entertainment.

Daruma Festival Kawagoe

Daruma Festival: read a guide to the Daruma matsuri held annually on 3rd January at Kita-in Temple in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture.

The opening parade at Ueno Natsu Matsuri lasts on average two and half hours.

Ueno Natsu Matsuri

If Ueno is known for its zoo and museum, it also home to one of Tokyo's major summer festivals: Uneo Natsu Matsuri.

Fireworks Edogawa and Ichikawa are among the most spectacular of Japan.

Edogawa and Ichikawa Fireworks

Fireworks in eastern Tokyo, Edogawa / Ichikawa dazzle crowds every year.

Each district Kawagoe manufactures its own tank to challenge others in the course of Kawagoe Matsuri.

Kawagoe Matsuri

Thirty minutes by train seperate Kawagoe from central Tokyo. That is nothing when it comes to discovering its amazing festival, which is held every third weekend of October.

With the Sumida Matsuri, rockets Bay compete for the title of most impressive fireworks Tokyo fire.

Fireworks over the Bay

A profusion of color in the sky. Building windows shimmering with lights.The fireworks of Tokyo Bay seem to emerge from a dream.

Each year, the Sanja Matsuri draws a huge crowd in the Sensôju, the temple of Asakusa.

Sanja Matsuri

The most popular festival in Tokyo, the Sanja Matsuri brings together a mixed crowd looking for fun.

The twenty thousand lights that illuminate the Yasukuni Jinja in Tokyo to give their name Mitama Matsuri festival lanterns.

Mitama Matsuri

The sun has set, and the sweltering heat of the Japanese summer has subsided. Yasukuni Shrine lights up. The Mitama Matsuri begins...

Every year on the last weekend of July, stands the gigantic fireworks celebration Sumida.

Sumida Festival

The Sumida Festival illuminates the Tokyo sky. Big summer event in the capital, the fireworks over the Sumida River are held on the last weekend of July.

Tokorozawa Doll Memorial Celebration

The Tokorozawa Doll Memorial Celebration in Tokorozawa involves the ritual burning of Japanese dolls when they are no longer needed.

Japan Visitor - ako-castle-3.jpg

Ako Festival 47 Ronin

Read about the 47 Ronin and the Ako festival (Gishisai) which takes place in December in Hyogo prefecture near Kobe, western Japan.