Itsuki Café   伊都岐 カフェ

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Itsuki Café

Coffee Tasting at Itsuki.

Itsuki Café

The hall of Itsuki Café.

Flavors, flavors, flavors

A coffee aficionado in Miyajima might be unexpected. But behind the facade of a traditional house with a patio filled with vegetables, Sasaki-san makes travelers feel right at home.  

The smiling boss roasts his own coffee imported from Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil. The smell of the brew fills the store. Warm colors of the walls and large solid wood tables create a rustic and friendly atmosphere that instantly puts newcomers at ease. Upstairs, there is proof that decorating in Japan might be the simplest in the world with only tatami mats and shoji, the sliding paper doors that close for groups who want a bit of privacy.

Find cherry, port, red or white wine, cheese plates, bread and pastries. Grab a drink for a fresh start to attack the sacred treasures of the island.

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