Togakure Ninja School   戸隠流

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Shuriken, secret doors and more...

For small budding ninjas, Japan still has sites and memorabilia of real ninjas. Between legend and history, Togakure is one of them.

Secret History

Hard to believe in the true existence of ninjas, yet they are certified as agents, spies and police in all periods of Japanese history. The school of Togakure, Togakure-Ryu, is part of the old schools. It was founded after the war Genpei, in the eleventh century by Daisuke Nishini. The latter being on the run, he found refuge with ninjas of Iga who formed it. He brought his knowledge in his village of Togakure and founded his school. Togakure-Ryu then served the  Tokugawa shoguns faithfully.

Togakure Ninpo Museum

The village itself is now a museum with local artifacts, weapons, tools, clothing and writings proving the ninja secret past. The museum also presents the various techniques of Ninjutsu, in particular specialties of Togakure: aikido and throwing shuriken (star knives). Everything is presented in a restored village house.

Not far away, one can also visit a real period ninja house. Quite trivial in appearance, but with secret doors, hidden rooms and traps in case of intruders intruders. The house is an absolute maze.

Ninjas and gods

The village of Togakure is located in Mount Togakushi park, a place famous for its Shinto shrines, which are also places of pilgrimage. Going to the top of the shrine will allow you take one of the many paths lined by cryptomerias. These paths are surrounded by many small ponds reflecting the surrounding mountains.

Budding Ninjas

Becoming a ninja is possible! If you go to Chibiko Ninja Mura you will find a park in the forest that offers attractions featuring training in ninjutsu: obstacle courses, aikido workshops, shuriken throwing, and blowpipes. We even teach you to walk on water! Officially intended for children, these attractions actually also attract adults. You will also find reconstructions of labyrinthine ninja houses. To fully enjoy the atmosphere, rent a ninja costume to go unnoticed!

Togakure is a place that allows adults to unravel the story of the legend of the ninja while letting the children play. All this in the green surroundings of the Japanese Alps, one hour from Nagano.

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