Awa Naramachi ten   粟ならまち店

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Awa Naramachi ten

Awa Naramachi ten restaurant entrance

Nara on a plate

A shady alley and a dirt floor takes visitors far away from the city. It's only a few meters away, but  within the two-century-old walls of Awa Naramachi restaurant you'll forget about distance and time.

This traditional house, renovated with care, offers an original Japanese culinary experience.

All products served here are from the Nara region, where they were grown using traditional methods and respecting the environment. The famous wagyu, Japanese beef is cooked to perfection and will make your mouth water. The menu changes with the seasons to offer only the best of the old capital to please the palates of its customers.

The main room can accommodate a dozen people. More intimate spaces are also available, allowing foodies to enjoy their meal with the bonus of a view of the garden.

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