Fujiyoshida 富士吉田市

Mount and wonders


Fujiyoshida, very close to Mount Fuji, is an attractive city in several respects. Gateway to the ascent of Mount Fuji, you will find historic temples and activities for everyone all year round.


Fuji-san et pagode à Fujiyoshida

Fuji-san and pagoda in Fujiyoshida during hanami

Wikimedia Commons


Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-Jinja

We are here in the Shinto shrine dedicated to the goddess of Mount Fuji, the kami of the calm waters of the mountain. A large Japanese cypress and cedars of several centuries welcome you, just like from the entrance a large red torii , the largest wooden torii in Japan, which will make your soul grow at once.

Moss-covered stone lanterns create a solemn ambiance on the way to the temple, even more so if you walk it to Yoshida-guchi , THE starting point for climbing Mount Fuji , kilometer point 0 to 850 m d 'altitude. Of course, it is also possible to go directly by car to the fifth station, at 2,305 m , but it would be a shame not to do the ascent on foot as in the Edo period (1603-1868). For the most valiant and sporty anyway!


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Le plus grand torii rouge en bois du Japon

Japan's largest red wooden torii gate

Jerome Laborde


Mt.Fuji Radar Dome Museum

This scientific equipment combined with a meteorological station sat for more than 30 years at the very top of Mount Fuji, at an altitude of 3,776 m. In 1999, it was dismantled and then brought to Fujiyoshida to be transformed into a science museum . You will be able to know everything about its history, but especially about the climatic and weather conditions of this mountain.


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Mont Fuji Radar Dome museum

Mount Fuji Radar Dome museum

Wikimedia Commons

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