The beaches of Shimane 島根のビーチ

Immersion by the sea

A region often overlooked by tourists, the prefecture of Shimane is surrounded by mountains and the sea. It is therefore full of riches, including its magnificent beaches. It is to the west of the main island of the archipelago that you can discover unspoiled landscapes full of history.

L'eau transparente de Shimane

The transparent water of Shimane


Sasago Beach

Deserted throughout the year, the locals take over the beach during the summer holidays. The environment is ideal for diving and swimming , but also for fishing !

Kitaura Beach

Large sandbar in an arc, you can swim, snorkel and even kayak in the green and clear water of Kitaura beach. Locals go there to collect seaweed and shellfish .

Access: Sasago and Sugeura stops on the Mihonoseki bus line


La plage de Sasago

Sasago Beach

shimane kankou

Plage de Kitaura

Kitaura Beach

shimane kankou

La plage de Kirara

Kirara Beach


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