Muro-ji Temple 室生寺

La pagode à 5 étages du temple Muro-ji.

The 5-storied pagoda of Muro-ji Temple.

Tetsuhiro Terada (Flickr)

The Women's Temple

Built at the end of the 8th century in Uda, in the north of Nara prefecture, the Muro-ji is home to the smallest 5-storey pagoda in Japan. It is also one of the few Shingon temples to have always accepted women.


The four national treasures


Several elements of the site have been classified as "national treasures", starting with the Kondo (main building). This part - the oldest of the Muro-ji ( 9th century) - was renovated during the Edo period (1603-1868).

The Kondo houses another treasure: the statue of Shaka-Nyorai , dating from the Heian period (794-1185). This wooden statue, over 2.30 meters high, represents the founder of Buddhism, Shakyamuni , in a state of deep meditation.


La statue de Shaka-Nyorai représente le fondateur du bouddhisme.

The statue of Shaka-Nyorai represents the founder of Buddhism.

Le Kondo, le bâtiment principal du Muro-ji.

The Kondo, the main building of Muro-ji.

Tetsuhiro Terada (Flickr)


The statue of Nyoirin-Kannon , goddess of compassion, would also date from the Heian period. " Nyoirin" actually corresponds to the objects that the goddess holds in her hands: a lucky gemstone and a wheel, which would notably give her a power of longevity.


Last national treasure: the famous 5-storey pagoda , renowned for its beauty… and its small size! Its 16 meters high (and less than 3 meters wide) even makes it the smallest pagoda in Japan . Damaged by a falling tree during a typhoon in 1998, the pagoda was renovated for 2 years.


La statue de Nyoirin-Kannon, déesse de la compassion.

The statue of Nyoirin-Kannon, goddess of compassion

La pagode Muro-ji entourée de rhododendrons en fleurs.

The Muro-ji pagoda surrounded by blooming rhododendrons.

Les couleurs du Muro-ji à l'automne.

The colors of Muro-ji in the fall.

TANAKA Juuyoh (Flickr)

Address, timetable & access

  • Address

  • Timetable

    At Murôguchi-Ono station (Kintetsu line), take a bus to Muro-ji.
  • Price

    Adult: 600 yenChild: 400 yen
  • Access

    Open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. from April to November Open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. from December to March

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