Sapporo TV Tower さっぽろテレビ塔

In the middle of the buildings, view of the mountains

Enjoy a panorama of the capital of Japan's far north from the observation point of the Sapporo TV Tower.


Unmissable attraction

Built in 1957 by the same architect who designed Tokyo Tower , Tachu Naito, the Sapporo TV Tower stands 147 meters tall . It is ideally located on the edge of Odori Park , known for hosting the world famous snow festival every year. The hours of illumination of the tower change with the seasons, to stay tuned to sunrise and sunset. Also note that the tower clock is turned off at night to reduce its environmental impact ! The timetables can be consulted on the official website, available in English here .

To see: Yuki Matsuri, the snow festival

Each season will have a new panorama to offer you. Will you choose the spring greenery of the park or the snow- capped mountains of winter? Hokkaido also offers a cooler and especially drier climate in summer than the rest of Japan, if you want to escape the rainy season, or tsuyu , in July on the main island. Of course, the main attraction to observe from the tower remains the February snow festival and its ice sculptures.


Vue sur le festival de la neige

View of the snow festival and its ice sculptures


La tour illuminée

The illuminated tower



The tower's mascot has a somewhat tragic history since an unofficial character appeared two months after its creation and gained such notoriety that it is only seen in events and even on television. Terebi-tôsan is a representation of the red tower, with a mustachioed face. His name is a play on words between Terebi-tô which means "television tower" and tôsan which is a way of calling his father in Japan. Terebi-tôsan therefore literally means " Dad of television ".

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Terebi-tôsan, personnage populaire de la tour

Terebi-tôsan, popular tower character

meredith p

Les montagnes enneigées vues de la tour

The snow-capped mountains seen from the tower

David McKelvey

Address, timetable & access

  • Address

  • Phone

    +81 (0)11-241-1131
  • Timetable

    15-minute walk from Sapporo Subway Station: Odori Station (Tozai, Nanboku, Toho lines)
  • Price

    Adult: 720 yen (5€40)16-18 years old: 600 yen (4€50)13-15 years old: 400 yen (3€)6-12 years old: 300 yen (2€25)3-5 years old: 100 yen (0€75)
  • Access

    9 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day (Exceptional closures a few days a year, and modification of schedules during festivals and other events)
  • Website

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