A Holiday in Japan

We often speak of a "Trip to Japan" when it comes to flying to the Land of the Rising Sun, but this term can give the wrong impression when experiencing and discovering the country. With Japan Experience discover that in addition to travel, it is truly possible to have a relaxing Japan vacation.

Travel and holiday in Japan, What is the difference ?

Preparing for a trip to Japan usually involves putting together an itinerary, a tight and packed schedule, enabling you to see all the destinations and attractions within the given time period.

Whilst taking a holiday in Japan alters your perception of the country, giving you time to relax and take in all the activities and sights on offer of this beautiful country.

Why take a holiday in japan ?

Japan is a country that has much to offer to all its visitors. Whether you want to spend your vacation as a couple, with family, friends or solo, all while discovering what Japan can offer.

From North to South

From Hokkaido (the north island) to Kyushu (the south island), Japan offers a wide variety of landscapes and microclimates that allow you to carry out all types of activities. Japan offers something for everyone.

If it’s beaches you are interested in Japan has over 33,000 km of coastline, beaches of Japan all offer something different from rocky coasts, great surf to white sands. All beautiful in there own right.

> Beach in Japan

Further inland is Japan’s mountains, which represent over 70% of Japan’s terrain. Trekking, winter sports, hiking or relaxing walks in the sacred mountains of Japan, are all popular activities for both visitors and locals alike. Perched on the outskirts of the mountains is the countryside, rice fields or forests. These offers calming retreats for those wishing to take a break from the big cities, for example lake Biwa or in the villages de Shirakawago. These mountainous areas are where you find most often the best hot spring resorts.

Contrary to what one might think, to holiday in Japan in the big cities like Tokyo or Kyoto offers both traditional and modern. These cities are full of museums, temples, gardens, shrines, in addition, of course, all the amenities associated with urban world, such as shops, restaurants ... Some specificities in Japan, such as the many public baths, also make them very enjoyable city breaks no matter the season.

A country suitable for all

The country offers a wealth of sights and activities, making it one of the few destinations where there is something for every ages, young and old.

While it is a great destination for vacations for two, with friends or alone, Japan is fantastic for family holidays.

Rent a house in one of the major cities in Japan for example, enables the whole family to get together and enjoy freedom and discover the neighborhood and the city at your own pace.

It is also possible to rent a car, allowing greater flexibility and access to certain harder to reach destinations as is often the case for more mountainous or rural areas.

Often wrongly perceived, driving in Japan is easy and quickly becomes enjoyable, especially because the Japanese are good drivers, and are in accordance with the highway code.

Note that all the cars available for rent in Japan Experience offer optional GPS in English to help you navigate your way around easily.

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Although Japan is a country that can be visited and discovered, but the archipelago every year more and more foreigners used or not, who come to spend their holidays to relax, why not you?