Japanese citrus fruits

Beyond yuzu

Yuzu, the yellow Japanese citrus fruit, is known around the world. Yuzu sauces and dressings, teas, and ice creams are now among the many Japanese delicacies that have crossed international borders. However, when in Japan you soon realize that it's full of other citrus fruits unknown in other parts of the world: kabosu, shikuwasa, bushukan... Discover some of them now.

Bushukan, the hand of Buddha

Here's a fruit with a very original shape: unlike other citrus which are usually round, the bushukan has the shape of a hand (hence its name). The fruit separates into several sections reminiscent of fingers. There are two types of bushukan: one where the "fingers" are closed, and the other, with the "fingers" open. The fruit does not contain pulp or juice, but its zest can be used in seasoning, to add flavor to desserts or can be candied. It also has other, religious or medical uses.

A bushukan fruit with "open fingers"

A bushukan with "closed fingers"

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