Cherry blossoms by night 夜桜

Illuminated Sakura

From Kyushu to northern Honshu, discover the best places to enjoy cherry blossoms... by night! Experience this well-known phenomenon in Japan: yozakura.

Sakura by the walls of Fukuoka castle

Sakura by the walls of Fukuoka castle

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The Tokyo classics

The cherry trees along Meguro River attract many sakura lovers. After shopping and enjoying a good meal at a nearby restaurant, you can enjoy night illuminations in the middle of Tokyo during the blossom season. The river is almost 8 kilometers long, the best place is undoubtedly the district of Nakameguro, where lanterns are installed every year.

Illuminations of sakura in Nakameguro:

From late March to early April, from 18:00 to 21:00

Access: Nakameguro Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line and Hibiya Line)




Lanterns illuminating the cherry trees along the Meguro River, Tokyo

Lanterns illuminating the cherry trees along the Meguro River, Tokyo

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Cherry blossoms in Ueno Park

Cherry blossoms in Ueno Park


Castle in the North 

A final castle, since the contrast of nature and architecture makes the experience even more unforgettable. The prefecture of Aomori, easily accessible from Tokyo by shinkansen, is located in the extreme north of the main Japanese island of Honshu. Here you'll find the beautiful Hirosaki Castle, its park and hundreds of cherry blossoms. A festival is organized here every year and offers magnificent illuminations once night falls.

See also: Hirosaki Castle

Cherry blossom festival in Hirosaki:

From April 21st to May 5th 2023

Illuminations from 18:30 to 20:30

Access: Bus Dotemachi Loop Bus to JR Hirosaki Station to Shiyakusho-mae Station



Cherry blossoms at Hirosaki Castle

Cherry blossoms at Hirosaki Castle


Tokyo under the cherry blossoms

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