Shopping & Souvenirs   買物 + おみやげ From superfluous to excellence

All to buy souvenirs in Japan with

All to buy souvenirs in Japan with

From superfluous to excellence

If many people find hapiness in shopping, Japan is paradise.

The spirit of simplicity that is cherished by followers of Zencontrasts with the crazy Japanese consumerism, which is subjected to the dictates of fashion. Although they love international brands, like visitors, they also buy gifts and local souvenirs on every trip they make.

Handicrafts are not disdained, they are respected in Japan. Considered "Living National  Treasures", some craftsmen, with their skills and dexterity, transform everyday objects into exceptional pieces.

From nice trinkets acquired at the 100 yen shop to beautiful objects purchased for a high price at a ceramics store, there's something for every budget. A print,  a collector item, a foodie souvenir, a gadget, a manga, the latest high-tech product, or a jazz CD that cannot be found in Europe, they will all delight fans of Japanese culture.