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A Japanese electric cable 100 volts

A Japanese electric cable 100 volts

Japanese electrical outlet

Japanese electrical outlet

Know what's current!

Plugs, voltages, adapters: everything you need to know

Japan is connected to a current of 100 volts, and uses two frequencies: 50 Hz in Kansai and the east of the country, 60 in Kanto and the north.

Modern electronic devices (computers, cameras, phones, tablets) normally operate without a problem, but remember to check their voltage: the transformer must indicate "INPUT 50/60 Hz 100-240 V," which means it works on a current between 100 and 240 volts, and from 50 to 60 Hertz.

The Japanese plugs are Type A, with two flat prongs (like in the USA) so depending on your country you may need an adaptor: Europe / Japan, UK / Japan... They are readily available in Japan at international airports such as Narita, in Yamada Denki and Bic Camera stores, on the stalls of Akihabara, or in 100 yen shops, for an affordable price (300-500 yen). Also remember to ask at the reception of your hotel, many have them available for their guests.

Tip: bring a multi-socket adaptor from your country and one international adapter will be sufficient to charge all your devices.

To buy electric or electronic equipment in Japan, the logic remains the same: tensure that the transformer indicates an "INPUT" voltage consistent with that used in your country (220 volts). If this is not the case you need to buy a voltage transformer.

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