Rent a Bicycle in Kyoto   京都自転車レンタル

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Cycling trip to Japan

A bike ride away from the crowd.

Bike Tourism

Kyoto lends itself admirably to a bike tour. It's one way to explore the back alleys of the city freely and at your own pace! 

How to proceed

The city of Kyoto is home to many bicycle rental shops, especially dedicated to tourists.

The hiring is done either by the hour or by the day. Daily rates generally ranges between 800 to 1.000 yen for a standard city bike and about 1,800 yen for an electric bike.

A simple form of ID such as your passport, and cash payment is usually sufficient, although some stores may ask you for a small deposit until the return of bikes on top of that.

Useful Addresses

Some address where you can find your happiness and explore Kyoto by bike:

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