Hakone Free Pass Now Available Online

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Lake Ashi

Boat cruise on Lake Ashi.

 The train of the Hakone Tozan line is accessible with the Hakone Free Pass

The train of the Hakone Tozan line is accessible with the Hakone Free Pass

Funicular Hakone

The cable cars to Mount Fuji.

Views of Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji at night.

The outside bath of the onsen Hakone yuryo

The open-air bath at Hakone Yuryo onsen

The entrance to the Hakone-jinja Shrine, on the shores of Ashinoko Lake in Hakone

The entrance to the Hakone-jinja Shrine, on the shores of Ashinoko Lake in Hakone

Train in Hakone

Train in Hakone

Travel in complete freedom

The Hakone Free Pass is now available to purchase online! With the Hakone Free Pass, try the famous hot spring resorts at the foot of Mount Fuji from Tokyo, and enjoy unlimited travel for two days while saving money.

Japan Experience started selling the Hakone Free Pass from the  30th May, 2017, which is available for purchase for the first time outside of Asia. This Pass offers unlimited travel to and around the Hakone area, known for its onsen, museums, and view of Mount Fuji from Lake Ashi.

An area to explore

No less than eight means of transportation are covered by the pass allowing you to explore the most beautiful sights of Hakone. From Tokyo, get on the Odakyu line from Shinjuku JR station to Odawara, a few kilometers from Hakone. From there, the whole area is on offer. You'll have unlimited travel on the following lines:

  • Trains from the Hakone Tozan line, from Odawara to Gora via Hakone Yumoto;
  • The Hakone Tozan gondolas, between Gora and Sounzan;
  • The Hakone Tozan buses in the Hakone area;
  • The funicular from Hakone, from Sounzan to the northern tip of Lake Ashi;
  • The cruise ship to Hakone, which lets you cross Lake Ashi;
  • The Odakyu Hakone fast buses that run along Lake Ashi to Gotemba;
  • The Numazu Tozan Tokai buses, which take you south of Ashi Lake to Mishima;

Only the Romancecar trains are not included. They require an additional 890 yen ($8) one way from Shinjuku to Odawara or Hakone Yumoto.

Discounted Rates

The Hakone Free Pass not only offers free transportation, but also special offers and discounts at more than 50 Hakone tourist sites: onsen and spas (including Hakone Kappa Tengoku and Hakone Yuryo), Museum of Art Pola and the Okada Art Museum, historical places (Hakone Sekisho Shiryokan check point and Hakone-jinja shrine), botanical gardens, parks (such as Hakone Gora Park ), leisure parks, sport centres and many restaurants and shops.

You can find the complete list on the official website, under the Discount tab.

To benefit from these discounts, simply show your Hakone Free Pass at the entrance of each site.

Booking and exchange

Book your Hakone Free Pass on our website, japan-rail-pass.com, and we will send you a voucher. Once in Tokyo, go to the Odakyu Shinjuku counter to trade your voucher for the Hakone Free Pass:

Odakyu Railway Shinjuku Station West Exit
1-1-3 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
1st floor (Ground floor) 
Phone: + 81-3-5321-7887
Mail: welcome@odakyu-dentetsu.co.jp
Open daily from 8am to 6pm  

The price

Valid for two consecutive days from Shinjuku (Tokyo), the Hakone Free Pass is sold for 5,140 yen (around $46) for adults and 1,500 yen (around $13) for children from 6 to 11 years old. It's free for children 5 years and under.

Is the Hakone Free Pass cost-effective for your trip?

If you plan to tour the region by train, bus, funicular and boat, it would cost about 6,300 yen ($57) with tickets purchased on site. The Hakone Free Pass lets you save over 1,100 yen (almost $10), not to mention the savings from special offers on museums and other sites. The Pass also means you'll save time and have peace of mind, since you don't have to worry about buying tickets on the spot. On the other hand, if you just plan on making the Tokyo-Hakone round trip, without traveling around Hakone or visiting tourist sites, then simply buying return tickets would be better.

To book your Hakone Free Pass, visit our website japan-rail-pass.com

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