The Hakone Top Ten   箱根のトップ10

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Lake Ashi

Boat cruise on Lake Ashi.

Hakone Onsen

A hot spring, or onsen, in Hakone

Chôkoku no Mori

The statues of Chôkoku no Mori Park.

Funicular Hakone

The cable cars to Mount Fuji.

Tips from Daniel, our local Travel Angel

Daniel, our Angel Travel in Hakone, reveals his top 10 things to do there.

At the foot of Mount Fuji, Hakone is the perfect place from which to climb the sacred volcano in summer, and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings the rest of the year.

  • Visit Amazake Chaya, a former tea house that already served the samurai of the Edo period. The specialty there is sake...
  • Walk the Tokaido Road, the old feudal road that once connected Edo (old Tokyo) to Kyoto, the imperial capital at the time, through Hakone. Take a walk through history!
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  • See Hakone Jinja, a shrine in the heart of the forest, with a view of Lake Ashi.

  • Visit Narukawa Art museum, where there's a beautiful view of the lake, the torii of Hakone Shrine and Mount Fuji.
  • Visit Okada Museum and its superb collection of works of traditional Japanese art. The little udon restaurant in the garden is worth a try.
  • Go to Chokoku no Mori Museum and its exhibitions of outdoor sculptures, for a visual walk amongst nature and contemporary art.
  • See the pampas field of Sengokuhara, on the western flank of Mount Hakone: a rare sight in Japan!
  • Take a boat ride on Lake Ashi, where in good weather you can enjoy a view of Mount Fuji reflected in the waters...
  • Ride one of the cable cars and enjoy another view of the mountain.
  • After all these excursions, relax in one of the many onsen in the city, such as Hakone Kamon.

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