Hakone-Kamon Hot Springs   箱根花紋

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Hakone hot spring Kamon.

Outdoor onsen baths Hakone Kamon.

Charming swimming

Paired with a large ryokan near the Yumoto station in Hakone, it welcomes you to its 20 indoor and outdoor baths.

First, you must accept to pay the price. The onsen Hakone-Kamon, combined with a very well run ryokan stands out among hot springs nearby with its high price, size, and the number of baths it offers.

Outside, as vapor mixes with foliage, you can jump from one bath to the next, being careful not to slip on the stairs. Quaint awnings cover three of the most pleasant baths to keep the outside charm and interior comfort.

Carefully decorated stone and wooden floors bring a great finishing touch. There is also a relaxing sauna, indoor areas, and tea is served at the end. Price for quality!

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