Maruman   丸万

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Restaurant Maruman

Dishes from Maruman restaurant.

Hunger and reason

If hunger gets you during your visit of Koyasan, don't worry. Many local restaurants will welcome you with pleasure. Especially Maruman. Recognizable by its well-stocked window.

Shukubo pop up like mushroons in Koyasan. These temple-inns bend over backwards to meet the desires of millions of pilgrims who visit the area every year. Maruman is a classic, but popular establishment with a varied menu and fast service.

Regulars say their croquettes and ramen are worth the many hours of walking.

But beware: do not try to bite into the delicious dishes on display in the window. They are sampuru. Plastic imitations of dishes available in the restaurant. A thriving industry that has become very popular in Japan.

And if the inn is already full, you can fall back on Miyasan, another, and cheaper, place to eat.

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