Miyasan   宮さん

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Restaurant Miyasan

Specialties Miyasan restaurant.

A Buddhist bistro

The spiritual food of Koyasan is not necessarily enough to sustain everyone. For the more down to earth, there is Miyasan.

If you're tired of taking root in the inns of Koyasan at lunchtime, why not try an izakaya. This variant of the Japanese style bistro is found at Miyasan.

Despite its low prices, the establishment offers more than fifty dishes including local specialties such as freeze-dried tofu or koyadofu. Shojin ryori, the traditional vegetarian food of Buddhist monks, also takes up much of the menu.

But the must-try dish at Miyasan is the fried chicken. The frying has become an art and make the reputation of the establishment.

The house is used to receive pilgrims and tourists from all horizons, so it has an English menu, an attractive feature for foreign visitors.

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