Nakasatsunai 中札内村

The surprise is in the meadow


In the Tokachi sub-prefecture, in Hokkaido, the small village of Nakasatsunai has more than one trick up its sleeve to surprise visitors. Far from betting solely on magnificent landscapes, Nakasatsunai captivates, amuses, routs... a whole program!



Discover the natural sites of Nakasatsunai


Unusual visits

In Nakasatsunai, among the fields of wheat and potatoes, there are peculiarities… a little confusing! One of them is known throughout the archipelago: the Hanabatake ranch or the flower field ranch. It is directed by a tarento (Japanese star) well known to the public, Yoshitake Tanaka. The singer-songwriter became a businessman thanks to his flourishing activities (dairy production, breeding, agriculture, cheese and confectionery) in his farm-ranch opened in 1994. The sweet caramel produced with a large quantity of crème fraiche ensures the reputation of the place.



The Flower Field Ranch



Mr. Bean's living room - bean museum


Garden, forest and museums

You will be captivated at the Art Village and in the Rokka no Mori garden ; two installations initiated by the confectionery company Rokkatei and awarded with an award from the Architectural Institute of Japan in 2011. The Rokka no Mori garden was created in 2007. The flowers and plants in the garden are identical to the Tokachi Rokka, the flowers drawn by the painter Naoyuki Sakamoto appearing on the wrapping paper of the famous Japanese confectioner. Several museums including the Sakamoto Naoyuki museum and shops are housed in old wooden buildings from Croatia and harmoniously replaced in the garden.





Nakasatsunai Art Village

663highland / Wikimedia


The Rokka no mori garden has several museums and a confectionery shop

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