Takeshi Kitano 北野 武

The all-round artist

The modern Japanese actor best known abroad, Takeshi Kitano, with his face half paralyzed by a motorcycle accident, starred in several successful yakuza films, such as Hana-bi or the famous movie Zatoichi. But this actor, known for his films about the dark worlds with failing humanity, is also a renowned comedian and an artist.

BeatTakeshi, the manzai actor

After four years of engineering studies, Takeshi Kitano was hired in a nightclub where comic actors perform. Employed initially as an elevator repairman, he gradually learned theater art, notably by serving as a backup. It was at this time, in 1972, that he formed with his friend Niro Kaneko a manzai duo, "The two beats"!

Acteurs de manzai

manzai actors


Kitano at the cinema

In the 1980s, Takeshi Kitano began to venture into the cinema. He plays roles that will make him a star, a violent policeman, or the violent yakuza immersed in a dark world.

As a director, he produced films that made him the face of Japanese cinema abroad. In 1997, he directed Hana-bi, which brought him to the height of his international fame!

Graffiti depicting Takeshi Kitano in Sonatine

Wikimedia commons

The artist, the television man

Takeshi Kitano has flourished in many art forms. He is a passionate painter, many of which was integrated into the sets of the film Hana-Bi, and he has written collections of poems, and novels, some of which have been adopted by other filmmakers. He has also released several albums!


On television, Takeshi Kitano has produced several shows, mostly talk shows, and above all, a program of a hilarious maze of physical obstacle course, "Takeshi's Castle," the concept which became popular in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Brazil, the Netherlands, Iran, and Greece!

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Commercial starring Takeshi Kitano

Wikimedia commons

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