Yokosuka Line 横須賀線

  • Published on : 22/10/2016
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The Yokosuka Line is a railway connecting Tokyo to the Miura Peninsula that forms the western flank of Tokyo Bay.

Tokyo Station 東京駅

Tokyo Station is the first station on the Yokosuka Line and provides connections to all over Japan by shinkansen, as well as transfers to a dozen other lines, above ground and subway, including the Narita Express train to Narita International Airport.

Shinbashi Station 新橋駅

Shinbashi Station is in the Shinbashi district of Tokyo, which is where inner-city company workers eat, shop and drink.

Transfer at Shimbashi Station to the JR Yamanote Line, the Tokaido Line, the Keihin-Tohoku Line, the Toei Asakusa Subway Line and the Ginza Subway Line.

Shimbashi Station is close to both Ginza, Tokyo's prime high-class shopping district, and the gleaming towers of Shiodome.

Yokosuka Line Train

Yokosuka Line Train

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Yokohama Station 横浜駅

Yokohama Station, in Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, is a major railway hub and one of the busiest stations in Japan.

Transfer at Yokohama Station to the Tokaido Main Line, the Keihin-Tohoku Line and Negishi Line, the Yokohama Line, the Keikyu Line, the Sagami Line, the Tokyu Tokoyo Line, the Shonan-Shinjuku Line, the Minatomirai Line, and the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line (B20).

Hodogaya Station 保土ヶ谷駅

Hodogaya Station is in Hodogaya Ward, Yokohama City. The West Exit is surrounded by a small shopping area. The East Exit has a walkway over the Tokaido Highway (National Highway 1) to a bus station.

Transfer at Hodogaya Station to the Shonan-Shinjuku Line.

Kamakura Station, Yokosuka Line

Kamakura Station, Yokosuka Line

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Zushi Station 逗子駅

Zushi Station is in the Zushi district of Zushi City. Zushi Station's "West Exit" is actually on its north side, and the "East Exit" is actually on the station's south side. The "East Exit" is where most of the commercial and other facilities are to be found, and is where local buses and taxis leave from. Zushi City Hall is 3 minutes walk south of the station.

Transfer at Zushi Station to Shonan-Shinjuku Line trains and the Narita Express. Shin-Zushi Station, the first station on the Keikyu Zushi Line, is 250 meters from the East Exit of Zushi Station.

Taura Station, Yokosuka Line

Taura Station, Yokosuka Line

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