Discover Tokyo's automated Yurikamome Line - your scenic link to Odaiba and Toyosu

  • Published on : 06/02/2024
  • by : Japan Experience

The Yurikamome is Tokyo's first driverless, automated transit line linking Shinbashi Station to Toyosu via the artificial island of Odaiba. Named after the black-headed seagull, the official Tokyo metropolitan bird, it has become a popular attraction in itself thanks to its scenic route over Rainbow Bridge with panoramic views.


History and key facts about the Yurikamome

Opened in 1995, then extended to Toyosu in 2006. Is Tokyo's first fully automated transit system controlled entirely by computers. Carries an average of 160,000 passengers per day. Uses rubber-wheeled trains on elevated concrete track guided by side walls. Station announcements are recorded by famous voice actors from anime.

New Transit Yurikakome line

Yurikamome Station, Toyosu, Tokyo

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