Yurikamome Line 新交通ゆりかもめ

  • Published on : 06/05/2016
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Automatic line through Odaiba

The New Transit Yurikamome is a driverless, automated transit service linking Shimbashi to Toyosu, via Odaiba across the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo.

12.7 KM - 0H26 Ariake-Tennis-No-Mori Station

Get off the train here to access the Ariake Coliseum, which hosts major tennis tournaments and the numerous outdoor courts nearby in Ariake Tennis Forest Park (有明テニスの森公園).

13.5 KM - 0H28 - Shijō-Mae Station

The station adjacent to the new Toyosu Market (opened 2018), which has replaced the old Tsukiji Fish Market.

14 KM - 0H29 - Shin-Toyosu Station

The station is adjacent to the MIFA Football Park.

14.7 KM - 0H31 - Toyosu Station

Acces here the Gas Museum and Lalaport Urban Dock shopping mall with a branch of Kidzania. Toyosu Station is also on the Yurakucho Line of Tokyo Metro.

New Transit Yurikakome line

Yurikamome Station, Toyosu, Tokyo

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