Kawagoe Train Stations

Kawagoe train stations: Kawagoe, in Saitama is served by three train stations: Hon Kawagoe Station, Kawagoe Station and Kawagoe-shi Station.

Hon Kawagoe Station is located only about 500 meters south of the historic center, right on the main road leading to it. Go towards the East Exit, pick up a local guide map available in a multitude of languages at the Tourist Information Office, then head out the East Exit, turn left and just keep walking. You will soon be right in the center of Koedo.

Hon Kawagoe Station itself is part of a rather new building complex combining the station with a department store and various other shopping outlets, collectively known as the PePe, The building complex also includes a Prince Hotel. The Prince Hotel chain, operating all over Japan, belongs to the Seibu Railway Company.

There is however no rail connection from Hon Kawagoe Station to either Kawagoe Station or Kawagoe-shi Station, the other two Kawagoe train stations. You have to leave Hon Kawagoe Station and either take a bus or walk to reach them.

Hon-Kawagoe Station

Hon-Kawagoe Station


The Tobu Station serves the Tobu Tojo Line, connecting to Ikebukuro in one direction and to Ogawamachi and Yorii (the latter being both in the Chichibu region) in the other. Since the start of the cooperation between Tobu Railways and Tokyo Metro, many trains formerly bound only for Ikebukuro now run through to Yokohama Motomachi-Chukagai (Yokohama Chinatown), Shibuya or Shin Kiba.

The Tobu Line part of the station features a large shopping outlet named Equia. Outside the East Exit of the station are further large department stores.

The Tobu part of the station also houses a Tourist Information Center, handing out the same assortment of maps available at Hon Kawagoe Station.

East side of Kawagoe Station, Saitama Prefecture

East side of Kawagoe Station, Saitama Prefecture

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Kawagoe-shi Station is a small station on the Tobu Tojo Line in a rather quiet residential area northwest of Kawagoe Station. It serves as the terminus for most Tobu Tojo Line local trains arriving from Ikebukuro Station. Almost all Tobu Tojo Line express trains stop at Kawagoe-shi station as well.

Kawagoe-shi Station is only a well-marked 5 minute walk away from the West Exit of Hon Kawagoe Station.

Thus, if you plan to visit the old town of Kawagoe traveling on the Tobu Tojo Line, it's better to stay on the train until it reaches Kawagoe-shi Station. The walk to the old town is shorter from there than from Kawagoe Station.

Kawagoe-shi Station

Kawagoe-shi Station

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