The Shibuya District 渋谷

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Shibuya, the Young and trendy district

Shibuya is, without doubt, the most fascinating and most vibrant district of Tokyo. This well connected area is a popular shopping area of Tokyoites, an economic center, Shibuya is a genuine icon of the Japanese capital and an area you must visit. 

To discover the area, we recommend that you lose yourself in the streets of Shibuya, as the neighborhood is rich in activities and discoveries. It all starts with the arrival at the immense Shibuya station, from here visitors can enjoy the view of the famous crossing, which stages a choreography punctuated by traffic lights. There, thousands of passers-by assemble, under the light of giant screens and in front of cars lined up.

But before this, you should see the mural in Shibuya Station by Okamato Taro (1911-1996), an icon of contemporary art. After thirty years on the wall of a hotel in Mexico, his gigantic work, named Myth of Tomorrow, was hung in the station to denounce the horror of the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Shibuya station is extremely busy: with 3.1 million travelers a day, and it is the second busiest in Tokyo after Shinjuku station. Sometimes you have to be patient to find your way through the maze of corridors and exits.

City Guide Shibuya

The Hachiko Dog

When arranging to meet someone in Shibuya, there is only one place: in front of the statue of Hachiko dog. This faithful Akita came every evening to meet his master, a professor at the University of Tokyo, returning home from work. Sadly, one day, the man died at work; however, the faithful dog returned every day for years, waiting for his master's return until his death. The local residents were so moved by the story they decided to pay homage to this incredible and loyal friend. They erect a bronze statue in his honor. Every year, on March 7th, a party is organized there in his memory.


La statue d'Hachiko

Flickr Leng Cheng

The Shibuya Crossing

The crossroads is located just opposite the Hachiko exit of Shibuya station. The crowd is dense right out, and you have to learn to navigate to reach the intersection ...! Around the famous crossing, the traffic of vehicles is stopped for fifty-five seconds; at this instant, hundreds of pedestrians cross simultaneously in a joyful, organized chaos.

Around three giant television screens installed on the buildings display the bars of the moment, a group of fashionable J-Pop bands and other mascots. The best observation point of the crossing is from the windows of the large Starbucks located above the Tsutaya bookstore.

The Shibuya crossing has been used in many movies, to the point of becoming a stereotype of Japan. It is frequently compared to Times Square in New York.

Shibuya, Tokyo

© Jet Dela Cruz, Unsplash

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