Hanami, the countdown is on!   花見カウントダウン

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Mapping of flowering cherry blossoms in Japan (hanami).

Mapping of flowering cherry blossoms in Japan (hanami).

Cherry buds ready to bloom.

Cherry buds ready to bloom.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

It's official: Japanese cherry trees are set to start blooming from March 20, 2015! To not miss anything, all the details on this floral weather, which the Japanese take very seriously.

To be fully prepared for the cherry blossoms, it is not enough to know the good spots for sakura, or to have everything for a successful hanami...It is also necessary to know when the flowers will show the tip of their nose!

Very serious Japanese meteorologists predict every year the day of arrival of the beloved flower, and unbearable suspense ends: the first sakura will be visible March 20, 2015 on the island of Kyushu (in Kagoshima and Kumamoto , Nagasaki and Fukuoka ) before rising to the north of Japan, Tohoku and Hokkaido.

card-blooming sakura-Japan

This leaves a good month to enjoy the cherry blossoms, but beware: these dates are not exact, and it would be unwise to comply 100% ... Below is a partial list of the usual dates for full bloom by location (hatching begins three to four days before the date specified), which you check out virtually with this useful and clever flowering simulator.

Location Usual date of full bloom
Sapporo May 8
Hakodate May 7
Hirosaki April 30
Tokyo April 5
Nagoya April 17
Matsumoto April 17
Takayama April 21
Kanazawa April 11
Kyoto April 7
Osaka April 6
Nara April 6
Hiroshima April 5
Matsuyama April 5
Kumamoto April 2
Naha February 4

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