How To Eat Sushi   お寿司の食べ方

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The sushi restaurant Gou, Fukuoka.

The sushi restaurant Dokorogou in Fukuoka.

So, may I take your order?


A sushi platter at Izuju restaurant.

Eat Your Sushi Like a Pro

Here are a few simple tips on how to enjoy sushi.

Since the early 2000s, sushi restaurants have cropped up in most major European cities. Although these places are very popular, they often offer dishes made from average quality fish. During your trip to Japan, you'll discover truly delicious sushi, made ​​using the best ingredients prepared by Japanese chefs with real know-how. Here's how to enjoy their sushi like a pro.

Pay attention to the order

You may not know this, but there is in fact a correct order in which you should eat sushi to fully enjoy the experience. It's customary to begin by eating fish with the most delicate and subtle flavors first, leaving the stronger tastes for the end of your meal, such as tuna, eel or egg. This progression of flavors corresponds to the colors, as you begin your meal with white fish, then silver, red and orange before finishing with the fattier cuts.

Eat your sushi with or without chopsticks

If most of the time we eat sushi with chopsticks, it is also entirely acceptable to eat it with your fingers, having washed your hands of course. It's for this reason that small hot towels (oshibori) are brought to you before the meal. On the side of your plate of sushi you will find ginger. It is not intended to be eaten with sushi, but is meant to be used as a palate cleanser between each bite.


After pouring some soy sauce in a dish, you can decide to enhance the taste of your sushi by adding dab of wasabi to the fish. You can then dip your sushi into the soy sauce, ensuring you only dip it so it touches the fish, not the rice, which would crumble into the sauce. Enjoy your meal!

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