Kitsuki Town 杵築


Suya-no-saka and Shioya-no-saka alleys

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The little Kyoto of Kyushu

In Oita Prefecture, the small town of Kitsuki is worth a detour if you are passing through the region, especially to see Beppu. Go for an afternoon stroll through its narrow streets typical of the Edo period...

First the Hitotsumatsu Villa, built by Sadayoshi Hitotsumatsu, member of the Japanese national parliament. The residence is perched on a hill and offers a superb view of the city as well as the castle. In one of the rooms, you will find koto (Japanese string instrument), available for the more adventurous.

Also, be sure to visit the Nomi family residence , located in the center of the northern samurai district. This beautiful traditional villa is surrounded by greenery, for a quiet visit in the tatami rooms, with a view of the trees. Admission is free , and the house also serves as a tea room.

villa Hitotsumatsu

The Hitotsumatsu Villa

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Kitsuki Castle

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    By JR train, Express Sonic: 15 minutes from Beppu (1280 yen, or €10.5022 minutes from Oita (1,790 yen or €14.60)2 hours from Hakata station in Fukuoka (5,140 yen, around €42)From the train station, access to the city center in 10 minutes by bus, Suya-no-saka terminus (290 yen, €2.37)
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