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The liana bridge in Ikeda

Located in Fukui Prefecture, a stone's throw from the town of Ikeda, this hanging vine bridge, or kazura bashi, crosses the river for 12 meters.

Vue sur les lacs Mikata

The 5 lakes of Mikata

Located in Wakasa Bay, the five lakes of Mikata are also called “the lakes of five colors,” with their colors changing with the seasons!

The banks of the Asuwa river

Discover Fukui

With its parks, gardens, historic sites, and remarkable temples, Fukui is a destination worth visiting!

Vue sur la falaise et sur la mer

Tojinbo Cliffs

For more than a kilometer stretch the cliffs of Tojinbo.

Le bâtiment principal du temple Hokyoji

Visit Ono, the city under the castle

Ono attracts the curious thanks to its castle which appears above the clouds. But what to do during your stay in the small town with natural springs?

Le village des épinoches

Ono, city of water

City of the former province of Echizen in the prefecture of Fukui, Ono has built its history and its culture around the abundant natural resources from which it benefits, and in particular its grou

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Tojinbo Cliffs

Tojinbo Cliffs: the Tojinbo Cliffs in Fukui Prefecture are are an ancient rock formation and a site of legend and beauty.

Stunning views over the bay of Wakasa.


Facing the Sea of ​​Japan, Wakasa Bay, with its beautiful beaches and clear water, is a popular destination for Japanese. Deep green pine trees, dark blue water, white sand ...

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Kitanosho Castle

Kitanosho Castle: read a guide to Kitanosho Castle in Fukui city, built in 1575 by Shibata Katsuie and burnt down by him at his death in 1583.

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Fukui Castle

Fukui Castle, read a guide to Fukui Castle, now in ruins, built by Yuki Hideyasu, the second son of shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1601.

Echizen Pottery Village Fukui

Echizen Pottery. Read about the ancient art of Echizen pottery making, revived and preserved in Fukui prefecture, Japan.

Japanese castles.

Maruoka Castle Sakai Fukui Prefecture

Maruoka Castle in Fukui Prefecture is said to have the oldest donjon (tenshu) in Japan. Maruoka Castle has many stairs leading to the entrance.