Fujigoko : Fuji Five Lakes   富士五湖

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Mt Fuji topped with snow in winter

Shibazakura Festival at Mount Fuji

Shibazakura festival at the foot of Mount Fuji.


Mount Fuji in the snow.

At the foot of the volcano

Among the places with views of Mount Fuji, the Five Lakes (FujiGoko) holds a special place. Located immediately at the foot of the volcano, lakes are dominated by its mass, which is reflected in their calm waters.

The five lakes, Yamanakako, Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Shojiko Motosuko and natural areas are formed by melted snow and local streams. They extend to the north of Mount Fuji, in a very rural area between Yamanashi and Shizuoka. You will not find big cities, although tourist facilities are numerous.

A paradise for walkers

The five lakes have long been the meeting place for walkers. The surrounding lakes are dotted with hotels and onsen (hot springs), which does not damage the natural beauty of the sites. While walking paths are many, it is by renting a bike that you can enjoy the best places and many observations points of Mount Fuji. Usually visitors will go to the Sai and Kawaguchi lakes, which are closer to public transportation.

A paradise for photographers

In autumn, you can admire the autumn foliage of Koyo (especially at Lake Kawaguchi), but the cherry blossom season is just as magical in the region, not forgetting the summer and its vast fields of bright flowers. It is especially Mount Fuji, fully reflected on the calm waters of the lakes, that photography enthusiasts will try to capture.

The Five Lakes Region also offers additional activities, such as visiting the Museum of the kimono Kubota Ichiku, its art museum or visiting spectacular caves. Also found near Lake Shoji is the famous Aokigahara rainforest. By visiting the Chureito pagoda you will have the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful views of Mount Fuji, with the Pagoda in the foreground. Via the Kachi Kachi cable car, we also have a panoramic view overlooking the lakes. Finally, the Lake Kawaguchi is one of the starting points for climbing Mount Fuji from the 5th Station of the Subaru line.

The Five Lakes Region will prove a good destination for a day or two, perfect for those wanting to leave the capital without venturing out too far. There you will find serenity, beautiful panoramas, romance and the opportunity for a big breath of fresh air!

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