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Meoto Iwa rocks - Mie prefecture

10 things to see in Mie Prefecture

Famous for its beautiful temples, Mie is one of the most sacred prefectures in Japan.

Vers le mont Gozaisho

Suzuka Quasi-National Park

The quasi-National Park of Suzuka, between sea and mountains with its beautiful natural formation, offers serenity and relaxation... 

Le château d'Iga_Ueno

Discovery of the city of Iga Ueno

Located in the province of Mie, Iga Ueno was the birthplace of the famous poet Matsuo Basho and is renowned as the "ninja homeland".

Le port de Kashikojima

Kashikojima or Kashiko Island

Kashikojima is a little hidden treasure, yet very easy to access, especially by a train operated by the Kintetsu Railway company.

Kintetsu Shimakaze

Traveling to Mie with the Kintetsu Shimakaze

The Kintetsu Shimakaze is a luxury tourist train that departs from the major cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya to arrive in Kashikojima in Mie Prefecture for an unforgettable experience.

Tsu Castle

Tsu Castle was originally built by Oda Nobukane and then strengthened and improved by the great castle architect Todo Takatora.

Matsusaka Castle

Matsusaka Castle: read a guide to Matsusaka Castle and its park and museums in Mie Prefecture.

Japan Visitor - matsusaka2018.jpg

Matsusaka Travel Guide

Matsusaka Guide: read a guide to Matsusaka in Mie Prefecture including Matsusaka Castle and the traditional merchant and samurai houses in town.

Japan Visitor - iga-ueno-guide-63.jpg

Iga Ueno

Iga-Ueno in Mie Prefecture is known for its ninja connections, with a Ninja Museum, beautifully restored Iga Ueno Castle, and Basho's birthplace.

Yokkaichi Port, Mie Prefecture.

Yokkaichi Guide Mie Prefecture

Yokkaichi Guide: Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture on the Kintetsu & JR Lines west of Nagoya Station is Mie Prefecture's largest city. The population is 300,000.