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Le Daibutsu au temple Kôtoku-in de Kamakura

The Top 10 to visit Kamakura by our Travel Angel, Isabelle

The unrevealed and side roads: Isabelle, our Travel Angel with more than 20 years of experience on-site, reveals her ten favorites in Kamakura.

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Enoshima Island Guide

Enoshima Island is a fun, resort island in Sagami Bay off the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture close to Kamakura. It is within reach of Tokyo.


Its name means "hot water", and sure enough onsen are on offer at this resort, along with sea and coastal views that have attracted famous writers over the years.

Enoden - Enoshima Electric Railway

Kamakura-Enoshima, two very popular places for the Japanese, two places full of history and legends. The Enoden train, which connects these two locations, has also become very popular.

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Atami Guide

Atami: read a travel guide to Atami, a pleasant seaside resort west of Tokyo in Shizuoka Prefecture.