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Kyô-gashi lors de la cérémonie du thé

Learn how to make Japanese cakes from Kyoto

All the art of traditional Kyoto pastry can be found in the Kyo-gashi, carefully prepared by masters...


5 restaurants to enjoy sushi in Kyoto

An emblematic culinary specialty of Japan, sushi can be enjoyed in many restaurants in Kyoto, but how do choose a place? Japan Experience offers 5 excellent places for you to choose from! 

Karafuneya Coffee

The parfait, or ice cream sundae, a popular dessert in Japan, reaches new heights and comes in incredible flavor combinations at this Kyoto cafe.

Forum Kyoto

Kyoto Forum

For all contemporary art enthusiasts or those who wish to discover a unique and definitely modern place in Kyoto, the Kyoto Forum is the ideal place.

Omen est spécialisé dans les nouilles japonaises udon

Udon Omen restaurant

A string of thick and elusive noodles, the no less delicious udon , Omen plays on the quality and sincerity of its popular dishes.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Kyoto

Kyoto is the Japanese capital of vegetarianism. Japan Guide has selected the four most popular vegetarian restaurants in the old capital.



Among the favorite dishes of the Japanese, eel does not really inspire visitors, yet they would benefit from letting themselves be tempted.

Restaurant Torisei and chicken specialties.


The Torisei offers the best breakfasts Fushimi. There are many specialties including chicken yakitori, famous kebabs.

The Kyoto kawayuka

Kawayuka Terraces

When summer comes, the kawayuka, terraces on stilts, bloom on the banks of the Kamogawa River.

Counter izakaya Isozumi


A big red lantern, a bamboo wall ... The decor of Isozumi (五十 棲) is easily recognized.

Gion Koishi

Gion Koishi

When the Japanese heat gets too stifling, the shaved ice at Gion Koishi will definitely help you chill out.



The Izusen inn awakens the senses. The restaurant, also within the same holy precincts of the monastery complex Daitokuji , introduces guests to an ancient culinary tradition: shojin ryori.

Restaurant Around

À peu près

À peu près is a French restaurant set up in a machiya, a traditional wooden house in central Kyoto proudly showcases its ancestral well and a st

Restaurant Mishimatei


Reminiscing of the past, the Mishimatei salt meats, est. 1873, satisfy the meat lovers!

Tonkatsu restaurant of Katsukura


Don't let the thought of a chain of restaurants fool you... Here, the quality is superb and authentic as one can expect from a generation of family-owned establishments.  

Restaurant bio Obanzai


Tofu in all sauces. Rice, vegetables, raw vegetables, everything is good and organic. Here, for less than 1,000 yen, the buffet of vegetarian dishes is available at will .

Tempura restaurant Mikuni


Lovers of old Kyoto, if you get lost in the noisy and unconventional street of Kawaramachi between Shijo and Sanjo, there is still a great place to taste one of the most accessible Japanese

In tachinomi the bar, close to Nishiki Market Kyoto.

Tachinomi In

At the western entrance to the Nishiki covered market, it doesn't look like much with its few lights and its tiny entrance.

Café proverbs 15-17

Café proverbs 15-17

Replacing the famous Cafe Peace at the Hyakumanben crossroads, near Kyoto University and Louis Pasteur Clinic, Cafe Proverbs 15-17 is a trendy spot to take a breather...

French restaurant in Kyoto, Le Bouchon

Le Bouchon

A jovial counter chef, a Lyon stopper-style decor with white and red checkered tablecloths set the tone at this cute little French restaurant...




Santa Maria Novella Tisaneria

Santa Maria Novella Tisaneria

Sun-kissed pasta dishes, Japanese seafood risotto, wines that immerse you in the landscapes of Sicily?



Daiichi is an institution that has been preparing suppon "snapping turtle" for over three hundred and seventy years.

The Little Guy

Le Petit Mec


Nishiki Restaurant


Famous and highly prized for longevity, this gourmet brand combines the delights of cuisine in an idyllic setting.



On Imadegawa Street, the colorful red facade of Masutani ramen catches the eye.



You love the bento boxes sold at kobinis... Then you have to try the ultimate bento box experience. The bento prepared at Doraku takes it to a whole new level... This is bento at its best!

A sushi platter at Izuju restaurant.


Established in the heart of Kyoto, this wood-fired and sushi restaurant stands out for its taste and quality products.