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Water pouring into a outdoor cooling pool in Kasatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts. Located in Gunma Prefecture, north-west of Tokyo, it attracts onsen lovers all year round. 


Yufuin town with hills in the background


Yufuin is a small town of around 36,000 people nestled in the picturesque valley below Mount Yufu-dake near Beppu on the southern island of Kyushu.

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Best Onsen in Kyoto

Best Onsen in Kyoto: the city is more known for its temples but there are places to enjoy a hot spring experience in Kurama and Kyoto's many public baths.

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Aomori Onsen

Some of Japan's most fascinating ryokans are in remote Aomori Prefecture. These beautiful ryokans, traditional Japanese inns, transport guests into Japanese history.

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Nagayu Onsen Oita Prefecture

Ganiyu, Lamune Onsen and Kur Park Nagayu are three recommended onsen hot springs in Nagayu Onsen, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu.

Foot Bath Cafes

Ashiyu are footbaths found in some public spaces, such as near train stations or in parks. Filled with hot spring water, you can soak just your bare feet while remaining dressed.

Kusatsu Onsen

Nestled in the picturesque mountains of Gunma Prefecture, Kusatsu Onsen is a rare gem among Japan's spas. One of Japan's most famous spas, it attracts hot-spring enthusiasts all year round.

Nozawa onsen


This village in the Japanese Alps, renowned for its ski area, has above all good onsen maintained by the locals, which is part of the appeal!

Jozankei onsen

Onsen in Hokkaido

Onsen are a huge draw for visitors to Hokkaido.

Yunotsu onsen


Yunotsu is famous for its hot springs, very hot, and active waters to refresh your mind and body.

Tenzan No Yu

Tenzan No Yu Onsen

To the west of Kyoto, very close to Arashiyama, the Tenzan No Yu onsen offers a wide choice of baths and hot springs.

Un onsen privé avec vue sur le Mont Fuji !

The Ohito Hotel in Shizuoka

Located in Shizuoka prefecture just an hour and a half from Tokyo, the Ohito hotel is a small haven of peace.

Bain de l'hôtel Kashoen Hanare Fuka

5 accommodations in Kyoto and its surroundings with private baths

The dilemma often arises during a trip to Japan: how to enjoy the Onsen without exposing yourself naked in front of strangers and enjoying these moments of relaxation with your party in private?

Kanaguya Onsen, la source chaude qui inspira les décors du Voyage de Chihiro

Kanaguya Onsen

Nestled in the heart of Shibu Onsen Village in Nagano Prefecture, Kanaguya Onsen is a lovely 250-year-old ryokan .

Noboribetsu Onsen

Noboribetsu Onsen is one of the most famous hot spring resorts on the northern island of Hokkaido.

Onsen for the reserved

The Onsen is an institution in Japan but it can be intimidating for visitors unaccustomed to bathing naked in public.  We've gathered a list of five hot springs where a bathing suit is accepted.

Onsen au Japon

Five hot spring towns near Tokyo

Onsen are natural hot springs in Japan, prized for their relaxing properties.

Mikuriga ike onsen l'hôtel

Mikuriga ike onsen

Mikuriga ike onsen is the highest onsen in Japan, at 2,430 meters above sea level!

Little known and frequented by tourists, the onsen Jakotsu-Yu is nevertheless popular with the regulars come to relax after a long day of work.

Where to find a public bath in Tokyo

For an authentic experience take a plunge into Japanese life, by visiting and relaxing in a public bath (sento) during your stay in Tokyo.

Hottarakashi onsen in Yamanashi

Five onsen with views of Mount Fuji

Happiness is... gazing at Mount Fuji while enjoying the waters with the multiple virtues of hot springs with which Japan abounds.

Le bain du Kanaya Onsen

Kanaya onsen, the largest wooden bath in Japan


Founded in 1915, this onsen located in the city of Shimoda (Shizuoka prefecture) has not aged a bit and inevitably retains its title of the largest wooden bath in the country.


Ginga no taki,Sounkyo onsen

Sounkyo Onsen

Sounkyo Onsen is a hot spring town nestled in a gorge (nicknamed "The Cloud Gorge") north of Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido.

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Misasa Onsen

Misasa Onsen in Tottori Prefecture is a little-known onsen resort in a beautiful location.

Sakura-yu sento, Kyoto.

Sakura-yu Public Bath Kyoto

Sakura-yu Public Bath Kyoto: Now nearly 100 years old, Sakura-yu public bath in downtown Kyoto, is a trip back in time.

Going to the onsen with a tattoo in Tokyo

In Japan tattooing "irezumi" has been considered an art of highest skill, it has most often been reserved for a very marginal population: that of the yakuza, the Japanese underwor

Takaragawa Onsen

For a poetic moment in the countryside, enter the doors of the Japanese spa Takaragawa Onsen.

Enoshima Island Spa

Enoshima Island has been a place of worship and legends since antiquity.

Manza onsen

Slip into white and milky waters that can reach 80 ° C near Tokyo? This is possible in Manza Onsen, 200 km from the capital.

Sato no yu


If Kinosaki is one of the most charming spa towns in Japan, it is all thanks to the elegant and pleasant onsen such as Sato-no-Yu.

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Kaga Onsen

Kaga Onsen: consists of a number of traditional onsen towns south west of Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Yamanaka Onsen

Nestled in the mountains, in Ishikawa Prefecture lies a spa more than a million years old.

Onsen around Kanazawa

Visiting an onsen (hot springs) during your trip to Japan is an absolute must-try experience. The Kanazawa region has some wonderful onsen on offer.

The 7 Waterfalls of Kawazu

For the Japanese, the 7 Kawazu waterfalls in the Izu Peninsula portray the natural beauty of Japan, which the poet Kawabata captured in such lovely words.

Shuzenji, Izu's Hidden Onsen

Onsen, ryokan (traditional inns), bamboo forests, temples and places of historical interest, Shuzenji is a spa nestled in the heart of the mountains of the Izu Peninsula, about 1 hour from Tokyo.

beaujolais onsen

Yunessun, the Onsen Full of Surprises

Feeling nervous at the idea of ​​entering the Japanese hot springs? Does the famous "nude sociability" that prevails bother you?

Kinrin-ko lake, the smoking waters


A high-class spa resort, close to the popular Beppu, Yufuin is home to many luxurious ryokan.

Utsukushi no yu

Practical and modern, Utsukushi no yu sento is also an up-market gym located a few meters from Takaido Station.

Hidden in the Ginza district, the onsen Komparu is a set of bathroom quite affordable.

Komparu-yu Onsen

A small bathhouse in the Ginza district, Komparu-yu offers an honest, relaxing experience.

Little known and frequented by tourists, the onsen Jakotsu-Yu is nevertheless popular with the regulars come to relax after a long day of work.

Jakotsu-Yu Onsen

A neighborhood onsen that was founded in the Edo period (1603-1868), the Jakotsu-Yu (蛇 骨湯) in Asakusa has kept its simplicity and its clientele. Have a nice dip.

Kawayu Onsen

In this mountain resort and spa, you can bathe (yu - hot water in Japanese) in the river (kawa) itself, soaking in the hot water while losing yourself in the picturesque pine hills...

I love yu

Tired of traditional onsen that exude tranquility? "I ♥ 湯" (I love yu) is here to shake up the world of baths!

Yunomine Onsen

Here, the tradition of hot springs is as old as the pilgrimage routes of the surrounding area. Kumano pilgrims have been relaxing in the hot springs of Yunomine for centuries.

Sources Tochio


At the heart of the Japanese Alps near Takayama, the Tochio inn receives guests seeking a relaxing break. Prepare your towel, you are entering a hot spring.

Onsen Hirayu


In the heart of the Japanese Alps there's a small village where steam licks the sides of the surrounding mountains... Hirayu village is full of hot springs that have made it famous.

Unzen Onsen

Located in the oldest national park in Japan, the hot springs of Unzen provide baths full of goodness and virtue.

Spa World

Eight floors of onsen, saunas and swimming pools ... Customers will not go to Spa World for an authentic Japanese spa.

Hot Spring Maguse, located in a park near Nagano in the Japanese Alps.

Maguse Onsen

A popular establishment in the Nagano region, where  people are used to letting themselves go and admiring the neighboring slopes from the large pool surrounded by cypress trees.

An outdoor bath (rotemburo) of Osawayama Onsen in the Japanese Alps.

Osawayama Onsen

A family ryokan lost in the Northern Alps, between Nagano and Niigata. You can bask in the heat of the outdoor baths (rotemburo) and contemplate the snow-capped mountains...

Funaoka Onsen

Funaoka onsen

Located near the Golden Pavilion, this discreet onsen offers all the facilities of its bigger counterparts, with the local touch as a plus!

Gokoyu baths offer a variety of affordable services.


An onsen well known to the local population, who have made it their favorite place to go after a long day at work.

It was around the Asakusa temple in Tokyo's Asakusa Kannon is Onsen.

Asakusa Kannon Onsen

Asakusa Kannon Onsen, a discreet place of ablution, near Sensoji, has preserved the atmosphere of the Japanese public establishments of the postwar period.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari-revives the warm baths of the Edo period.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

An onsen recreating the atmosphere of Edo Japan. Plunge into the past with yukata.

Hot Springs Yuwaku

Yuwaku Hot Springs

The hot springs at Yuwaku allow you to spend quality time in the thermal waters of a glorious past. These baths have welcomed the greatest lords of the region.

Onsen Megahira


Outside the walls of the city, perched on the peaks, the Megahira onsen made ​​excessiveness its creed.

Arima Onsen

Arima onsen

Arima Onsen is one of the oldest and most famous hot springs in Japan. The ryokan (Japanese inns) and the hotels have their own baths. But there are also two public baths.

Naniwa no yu

Naniwa no yu

Discover this spa complex with multiple exterior and interior baths with all mod cons.

Hakone hot spring Kamon.

Hakone-Kamon Hot Springs

Paired with a large ryokan near the Yumoto station in Hakone, it welcomes you to its 20 indoor and outdoor baths.

Onsen Kappa Tengoku

Kappa Tengoku Onsen

Conveniently located near the Yumoto Station in Hakone, this onsen welcomes you to unwind upon arrival or before departure of your train.

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Ikaho Onsen

Ikaho Onsen, near Takasaki in Gunma Prefecture, is a popular onsen resort town with its waters popular with women with fertility problems.

Kurama Onsen

Kurama Onsen

If you're looking for relaxation and privacy, this property offers all the sulphurous water facilities to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the benefits of sources in the region.

Fukuji onsen

Fukuji onsen

A spa town renowned for the quality of its hot springs, Fukuji promises relaxation and clean air to urbanites yearning for Nature.


Take a curious bath in black sand, in an old-fashioned atmosphere, within view of a large lake and a small volcano.

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Kinosaki Onsen Hot Spring Hyogo

Kinosaki Onsen: read a guide to Kinosaki Onsen on the Japan Sea Coast in Hyogo Prefecture known for its seven main hot baths and crab cuisine.

Kannawa Onsen Beppu

Kannawa Onsen: read a guide to the area of Kannawa Onsen in Beppu, home to huge clouds of billowing steam and many hot springs.